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Redmond Landscape Lighting Drives Back the Darkness of the Surrounding Forest at this English Hill Home

Trees are a favorite focal feature in Redmond landscape lighting design. Easily our most frequently requested focus, trees such as the majestic Cedar and Fir create a distinct landscape in our area. Interestingly enough, these towering majestic beauties can actually be a source of darkness, requiring landscape lighting for visibility and a welcoming feeling to your home and yard. No one knows this better than this English Hill homeowner, whose property is lined with Firs and Cedars, and even backs up to a green belt with further shelter provided by a lush forest.

Bringing Back the Light in Redmond

This large lush Redmond yard was previously illuminated with an outdoor lighting system from many years ago. The homeowner called because the system had not worked for some time, she loved the lighting back when it worked and was “tired of living in the dark forest.” To create the magic of outdoor lighting again, our team replaced the entire old broken system with our top-quality, energy-efficient, LED landscape lighting. We took the time and care to install long wire runs to illuminate and define the farthest reaches of her property. With such a large lot, it is key to use the proper number of lights, in this case, forty-one, to reach the edges of the manicured yard for safety and security.

Pathway light brightening the surrounding path and greenery

Nestled in a lovely setting of towering Fir and Cedar trees, this home was begging for some serious tree lighting. We highlighted the height of many of the large trees that border the front property line while also using focal lights on some smaller trees lining the driveway. We placed a special focus on the Magnolia tree between the driveway and the front door, and also illuminated the address sign to help visitors find their destination.

Front yard tree lit by uplighting

A Ray of Light in a Dark Forest

The large property gains additional privacy along the back as it borders a dense forest. The lush forest adds extra darkness after sunset as little light from outside of the property can get through. The goal in the backyard was to increase safety and security with nighttime visibility while recreating the magic of outdoor lighting the homeowner previously enjoyed.

Rock pathway lit by pathway lighting

Starting along the perimeter, we silhouetted several super large trees to give depth and showcase the beauty of the Cedars and Firs. We then used Redmond path lighting to illuminate the winding, natural, flagstone path leading through the intricate landscape design. Landscape lighting, stone lighting, and water feature lighting were strategically installed to illuminate the beloved water feature and the surrounding ornamental trees. With a focal light on the nearby Japanese Maple, every favored aspect of this private natural retreat is enjoyable at night as well as during the day.

Rock and water feature lit at night

For years this homeowner’s daughter expressed to her how dark and uninviting the yard was at night, and now, with our help, she can’t wait for her daughter to see the magical results. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, our goal is to meet your goals and expectations with guidance from our expert team. No two landscapes are the same, nor should there be two LED landscape lighting designs the same. If you’re ready to add Redmond landscape lighting to your home, big, small, forested, or not, call us at (425) 414-8885 today to schedule a design consultation. We look forward to letting your beautiful home and property shine as well at night as it does during the day.

Yard and rock pathway lit by pathway lights