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Colored Lenses Create Year-Round Magic for your Seattle Outdoor Lights

Do you enjoy decorating for all of the big holidays? Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, Thanksgiving? When you throw a party, do you love preparing themes or covering your home in blue, silver, and green for the big Seahawks game? Or better yet, purple and gold for the Huskies?

Outdoor pillar lit by red colored lighting lense

Decorating for parties and holidays can be a huge task. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound set you up for easy outdoor decorating. With our colored lenses for your outdoor lights, you can change the colors for the seasons, the holiday, or today’s big game. Huskies purple and gold on Saturday can easily be changed to green and blue for the Sunday Seahawks game. No matter what you choose, your colored outdoor lights are sure to let your guests know where the party is.

Holiday Outdoor Colored Lens Ideas

Orange and black for Halloween can quickly be swapped out for an amber and green Thanksgiving theme. If you want to be festive for Christmas without the hassle, swap your colored lenses with green and red in December, and call it a day. If you’re Jewish, blue is perfect for Hanukkah, and we love going simple for the New Year with white. Combine colored filters in your well lights to meet special occasion décor needs all year long.

Support Your Favorite Charity, Cause or Make a Political Statement

Colored lenses are great for a multitude of non-holiday uses. Pink for breast cancer awareness in October, blue to support your local police, green to support the veterans. No matter what your favorite cause, there is sure to be a color you can use to show your support. Go full patriotic during the summer with red, white and blue! The choice is yours.

Colored Well Lights for Special Events

Are you throwing a baby shower or other special event at your home? Maybe a backyard wedding. Colored lenses are a perfect way to decorate your home. Pink and blue for a baby shower, white for the backyard wedding, or your local High School colors for this year’s graduate.

Don’t have well lights? That’s okay. We have colored lenses for your uplighting too. Slightly more challenging to change out, we’re happy to offer that service to you which still results in a cost-effective, hassle-free way to change the décor at your home for holidays and events.

With so many ways to use colored lenses for outdoor lighting, the limits are only within your imagination. Call (425) 414-8885 today to learn more about our custom LED outdoor lighting packages and colored lenses.