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The OLP Difference: Professional Seattle Outdoor Lighting Design

Choosing an outdoor lighting company to illuminate your home is an important decision. It can be tempting to hire your lawn service or a friend of a friend to design and install LED landscape lighting – it seems simple enough, right? This is where you might be surprised and the proof will be in the results. Whether you choose an outdoor lighting company or a lawn guy, it is important to get a custom-designed lighting system that meets your unique needs. This requires an expertise on lighting techniques, design, and the function each lighting effect can provide. It also requires a focus on YOU – not a focus on selling the most lights possible.

Residential Outdoor Lighting

The Best Seattle Outdoor Lighting Designers

One of the very first experiences you’ll have when working with our expert lighting team is how we focus our attention on you, your home, and your property. All of the little things are big to us, so we take the time to listen closely to hear what you want and need for style and function. We make note of every detail and do whatever it takes to find the perfect LED outdoor lighting solution for you.

Our expert lighting designers use this information to create an outdoor lighting system that:

  • highlights all of your favorite features
  • illuminates your outdoor living space for your functional, safety, and security goals
  • creates the mood you want and the flexibility you need

Our lighting team has access to the best-quality LED copper and brass lights which provide us the foundation for creating custom and unique landscape lighting designs that get the job done. In fact, we have such a close relationship with our lighting supplier that we’ve had custom lights created just to meet specific design requirements. At the end of the day, with our team, you’ll have an exclusive one-of-a-kind lighting system that works for you!

Deck Lighting

Less Could Be More.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we’ll never push an over-sized landscape lighting package on you. We are so focused on design that we’ll actually tell you the opposite if it is true. With some of Seattle’s best neighborhoods featuring small lots, it could be that a few lights are all you need to create a perfect nighttime sanctuary. After all, good lighting design doesn’t mean recreating daylight, it must be focused on creating subtle function and beauty that allows you to enjoy the magic of a nighttime setting.

If you’re ready to illuminate your home and property at night, give the best Seattle outdoor lighting company a call today at (425) 414-8885. We are ready to get to know you, your property, your lighting needs and make magic happen!

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