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Holiday Lighting Services for Municipalities

Enhance Your City’s Festive Display

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® offers outdoor holiday lighting services for municipalities. Our team of designers will work with you to find the perfect lighting display for any areas you are looking to decorate. Whether you want to illuminate walkways festively, transform your landscaping, or install a full holiday display, we’ve got a creative solution that will fit your needs and budget.

Our municipality holiday lighting options include:

  • Roofline lighting
  • Tree and shrub illumination
  • Wreaths and garland
  • Signage

tree lighting

Benefits of Professional Holiday Lighting

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a local holiday, our holiday lighting team provides municipalities with festive and genuinely beautiful lights to brighten up the night. After more than 150,000 lighting projects, our lighting pros are qualified to handle projects of any scope or complexity.

Here’s what sets us apart.

Custom Lighting Designs

OLP understands that holiday lighting isn’t just about illumination; it’s an art that transforms the heart of our community into a wonderland. Our holiday lighting installation services offer more than just standard decorations—they provide designs that reflect your community's unique identity and charm. Our expert designers work closely with local authorities and stakeholders to conceptualize lighting arrangements highlighting architectural landmarks, public spaces, and cherished local features. Whether it’s a festive display that captures the essence of the holiday season or an artistic representation of the community’s identity, our customized lighting designs create a magical atmosphere that leaves a lasting impact.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

As stewards of our community and the environment, we prioritize energy-efficient solutions in our holiday lighting installations, especially for local governments. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through our use of cutting-edge technologies such as LED lighting. LED lights not only produce vibrant displays, but they also consume significantly less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

By incorporating energy-efficient lighting options, we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to lowering energy costs for the municipality. This aligns with our mission to create a festive and captivating holiday ambiance while promoting eco-conscious practices that benefit our planet and our residents.

Community Building with Festive Illumination

One of the most remarkable aspects of holiday lighting installations is their ability to foster a sense of unity and togetherness within our towns and neighborhoods. The enchanting glow of festive lights draws people from all walks of life to gather and share in the season's joy.

Whether it’s the tree lighting in the town square, a festive market, or seasonal performances, our holiday lighting installations serve as a focal point for community engagement. Through these shared experiences, we strengthen the bonds that make your community a vibrant and close-knit place to call home.

Request a Complimentary Consultation

Curious about what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® can do for your municipality? We are happy to offer a complimentary design consultation to inform you about our services while we tour your property. You can tell us about what you’re looking for, and we can make suggestions based on your preferences and budget!

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