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Lighting Assessment Score

Perfect illumination: know the score

Have an existing outdoor lighting system and not sure how it is performing? You can now discover first-hand what’s working, and what’s not, with your system with our Lighting Assessment Score. We're one of the only national, full-service outdoor lighting companies that provides year-round maintenance for existing systems — even if we didn’t do the installation! We have helped hundreds of hospitality properties nationwide improve guest experience and the efficiency of their systems with our recommendations.

Your Free Lighting Assessment Score (LAS)

During your lighting assessment, we’ll take the time to go over every element of your system. We’ll assess your property in 6 steps, and at the end you’ll receive a score and full report of any issues at hand.

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1) Schedule your appointment with an OLP technician

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2) Check safety and security of pathways for your guests

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3) Analyze your system for proper performance and efficiency

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4) Assess what needs to be repaired and adjusted

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5) Explore options to increase performance by examining bulbs, fixtures and transformers.

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6) Get your score!

Once we're done with the assessment, our professional technicians will provide you with recommendations and ways to improve the design and functionality of your outdoor lighting system.

Here are some common issues found during hospitality lighting system inspections:

  • Inefficient halogen bulbs
  • Exposed wires
  • Pathways not properly lit
  • Dark spots on facade
  • Bulbs not working
  • Broken fixtures

If your outdoor lighting system is not in prime condition, you may be paying more than necessary for an inefficient system, or your guests may not be having the best experience possible.