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Outdoor Lighting System Inspections

Professional Inspection of Your Lighting Setup

Is your outdoor lighting system working like new? With our free Lighting Assessment Survey (LAS)*, our technicians will take a look at your existing system, provide recommendations for improvements.

The Lighting Assessment Survey Process

During your free lighting inspection, our technicians will walk your property and look at every element of your system. At the end of our assessment, our technicians will offer our honest assessment, including recommendations on how to improve the design and functionality of your outdoor lighting system.

Here are some common issues found during outdoor lighting system inspections:

  • Exposed wires
  • Improperly lit pathways
  • Dark areas on façade
  • Bulbs not working
  • Broken fixtures

Why Do I Need an Outdoor Lighting Inspection?

An inspection of your home's current lighting is an invaluable step toward enhancing both safety and security. Poorly lit areas around your property aren't just an aesthetic issue; they pose real dangers and vulnerabilities. Dark spots can create tripping hazards or make it difficult to navigate stairs, leading to unnecessary accidents and injuries. Furthermore, insufficient lighting can serve as an invitation to would-be intruders, providing them the cover of darkness to approach or enter your home unnoticed.

A lighting inspection evaluates these risks, identifying key areas where improvements can be made. It lays the foundation for a comprehensive lighting strategy that uses the appropriate fixtures, intensities, and placements to illuminate potential problem areas. In doing so, it not only deters criminal activities but also creates a safer environment for your family, essentially serving as a first line of defense. A thorough lighting inspection is a fundamental component of any effective home safety and security strategy.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® is one of the only full-service outdoor lighting companies that provides year-round maintenance for existing systems—even if we didn’t do the installation!

*Free assessment offer may vary by location. Please contact your local OLP for more details.

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