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Hendersonville TN Outdoor Lighting Is The Perfect Housewarming Gift For Your New Residence

Congratulations on your new home purchase. Be it a brand new construction build or a major home improvement transformation of an existing residential property, we have a surefire way to optimize living and leisure conditions for you and your family.

Introducing the wonderful world of Hendersonville outdoor lighting, in all its glory.

Hendersonville TN Residential Outdoor Lighting And Upscale Outdoor Lighting Design Is Ready To Enhance Your Life

More people are now spending more quality time at home than ever before, and increasing the beauty and functionality of their outdoor living spaces after dark with low voltage lighting is a big part of the reason.

As the nearby Nashville TN economy continues to thrive, the variety of home styles is growing exponentially in nearby Hendersonville. Ranch-style homes continue to be popular and sought after when it comes to families desiring one-story houses with a low profile offering a more accessible and convenient layout, especially for outdoor living lovers. The lower profiles present a seamless opportunity for adjacent outdoor living and leisure spaces, which come to luminescent life each and every night automatically with our deck and patio lighting.

Hendersonville TN Curb Appeal Lighting Showcases The Architectural Interest Of Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman-style homes here are popular due to their unique design and functionality features and attention to detail. They typically have low-pitched roofs with wide eaves, exposed rafters, front porches with tapered columns, and a mix of natural materials such as wood and stone – all of which are beautifully brought to life each night with our LED outdoor lighting. Craftsman-style homes are famous for emphasizing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Likewise, contemporary-style homes typically embrace modern architectural designs and often incorporate unique shapes, clean lines, large windows, and open floor plans which can be easily and beautifully illuminated after sunset with a wide variety of our stunning copper outdoor lighting fixtures and brass landscape lighting fixtures.

Hendersonville TN Architectural Lighting Provides The Most Cost Effective Outdoor Lighting That Money Can Buy For Farmhouse Style Homes

Thanks due to the proliferation of home design television shows that are streaming on Discovery and HGTV, a relatively new house style has entered our lexicon – the Farmhouse.

Farmhouse-style homes blend traditional and modern elements with clean lines and often include both interior and exterior design details featuring the use of black and white paint and fixture colors.

The combination of natural materials, such as wood and stone, along with rustic finishes, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere on the outside of the home as well as within, especially appealing to area families seeking a warm and comfortable home environment.

Farmhouse-style homes often emphasize a strong connection to nature and the outdoors. They typically incorporate large windows that let in ample natural light and offer picturesque views of the surrounding landscape. The emphasis on outdoor living spaces, such as front porches and expansive backyards, allows homeowners to enjoy the beauty of nature. These Tennessee homes emphasize functionality, simplicity, and the integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces making outdoor lighting a perfect complement.

Hendersonville TN LED Outdoor Lighting Is Well Suited For Traditional And Colonial Homes, Too

Characterized by their classic and timeless design elements, traditional homes and colonial homes are made even more beautiful with LED outdoor lighting designed, installed and maintained by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

These homes often feature details that favor outdoor lighting to display their true architectural beauty and interest, including symmetrical facades, two or three story elevations, brick or clapboard exteriors, and sometimes a central entryway with columns or a portico.

Hendersonville TN Landscape Lighting Excellence For More Than 30 Years – And Still Growing

For more than three decades, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in Hendersonville has been designing, installing and servicing our great area’s finest landscape lighting.

Our exceptionally qualified COLT-Certified custom lighting professionals design for each of our area clients. A custom design starts with their individual goals. Are they looking to beautify a particular area? Is the lighting going to provide safe travel because it’s a walkway or pathway? Is the lighting going to provide security by lighting around the areas where intruders like to hide? It starts with each homeowner’s preferences and individual sense of style.

Hendersonville TN Backyard Lighting Extends Oasis Enjoyment Long Into The Evening

When we say custom lighting designs, we’re not kidding. Here’s proof.

This client wanted three distinct sections in their Hendersonville backyard; one for entertaining clients, one where kids can play, and one where adults can relax. While the sections needed to convey a separate feeling, the client wanted them all to be on one system and not feel disjointed.

In order to accomplish all this, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives used all brass fixtures to uplight pillars and trees around the entire perimeter. We also used festive string bistro lighting in two of the spaces but in different manners to help create a unique feel in those spaces. With similar lighting, all three spaces are visually tied together and by repeating lighting elements in different areas, the space feels connected visually though each is a distinctly different outdoor living room.

Hendersonville Tree And Landscape Lighting Now Appearing In Living Color Nightly

Famous for our inventive illumination designs casting the warm glow of soft white light, we have now added color and color-changing lighting to our design and installation repertoire.

Here is a perfect example of what we mean.

This large, 10-acre property was completely dark before the owner called Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. The goal of the lighting design was to create a gorgeous warm white lightscape at the core of the property around the home, and then outline the landscape with color that was both sophisticated and fun. The owner also wanted to ensure there was symmetry to complement the property’s layout.

The lighting designer worked with the homeowner to ensure the design met their goal and investment level. The lighting design included uplighting for curb appeal, color-changing lighting for the landscape and bistro lighting for both outdoor dining areas to entertain in the evenings.

The driveway was also very dark when the homeowner and guests would arrive to the property. The design incorporated hardscape lighting on the retaining wall and color-changing lighting on the trees to help provide a stunning first impression as people arrived at night. This created beauty, function and safety in visual and aesthetic harmony.

Hendersonville TN Comes Home To The Finest Outdoor Lighting Thanks To Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Thanks to our complimentary outdoor lighting design consultation, together we can create an illumination scenario that is exactly what you’re looking for.

Call us at 615-697-4629 – or even easier – just click right here to connect with us.

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