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Franklin, TN Outdoor Lighting

If you own a home in Franklin, TN, what is more important, outdoor lighting in the front yard, or in the back? The correct answer is Both, and for different reasons. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been illuminating the best homes and commercial properties in the Franklin, TN, area for over 30 years. Find out what those clients already know: outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your home and draws customers to your place of business.

Landscape lighting in front of home

Franklin TN Architectural and Facade Lighting

Franklin, TN, homeowners are savvy about curb appeal, as seen in the area’s immaculately-groomed lawns and graceful, welcoming driveways. Whether or not your home can be seen from the curb is immaterial. What some forget is our beautiful homes can exude curb appeal at night, as well. The only way to carry that off is with outdoor lighting – specifically, architectural and facade lighting designed and installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

This form of outdoor lighting presents your home’s façade in the best possible light, night after night. Whether you live in The Governors Club, Westhaven, or Laurelbrooke, curb appeal is not just for daytime. With architectural and façade lighting, you remind everyone who visits or passes by after dark, We cherish our home and share its beauty with you. Enjoy.

Architectural lighting in front of home

Architectural lighting is a special form of outdoor lighting showcasing your home’s most alluring architectural features. A gabled roofline, arched windows, porch columns, a textured stone façade – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can beautifully illuminate whatever architectural features your home presents.

Landscape Lighting Elevates Franklin TN Neighborhoods

Architectural lighting does not stand alone in Franklin’s many beautiful neighborhoods. Professionally-designed and installed landscape lighting contributes to its share of the magic. When our professional lighting designers create a custom lighting plan for your home, we ensure that your architectural and landscape lighting work together. Not only that, but we work with LED lighting now, which is beautiful and extremely energy-efficient. We can retrofit your halogen fixtures with LED and you’ll see the savings monthly in your electric bill.

Tree lighting

What comes to mind when you think of landscape lighting? A beautiful tree with a broad canopy, light dancing among the leaves and branches? A fascinating, gnarly tree trunk stepping forward into the play of light and shadow? How about a tall tree with light filtering down through the branches projecting a moonlight effect on the ground below? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can bring these visions to reality at your home or business.

Path Lighting is Essential for Safe Passage

Path lighting on grassOur clients in the Temple Hills, Stephens Valley, and Carronbridge neighborhoods of Franklin, TN, agree that path lighting has changed their homes for the better. Their guests are safer at night because we installed a series of subtle lights along each path or walkway on their properties. It’s a small detail, but important. There is no reason you should have a guest, a rambunctious child, or great Aunt Dorothy stumbling along an unlit path. Once you realize the safety hazard those dark walkways present, you’ll be quick to add path lighting to your to-do list.

Everyone’s Favorite: Lighting for Outdoor Living Spaces

Who doesn’t love spending pleasant evenings on the deck or patio with friends? When inobtrusive lighting invites you to linger there long past sunset, you’ll be amazed at how much more deck and patio time that light gives you. Entertaining outdoors is easier with sufficient light to see by. Our lighting designers won’t shine a spotlight for deck lighting and call it a day. Primarily through the use of landscape lighting around your outdoor living spaces, we make those areas even more inviting at night. We also use tiny lights on deck stair risers, at the top or base of railing posts, and patio lighting along the base of patio seating walls. Whether you want to set a romantic mood or simply see your food when dining al fresco, outdoor lighting around the deck and patio is essential. If you don’t already have patio lighting at your Franklin, TN, home, it’s calling to you now.Patio lighting for outdoor living space

Making Magic by Mixing Water Features and LightPool lighting

Could your pool, pond, or trickling fountains be even more hypnotic at night? Picture the bouncing highs and lows of a pool with soft light dancing on its surface. Add the glistening of a pond’s illuminated waterfall to the gentle sound of water spilling over its breaks. See the sprays of your fountain suspended in air, held there by light from an unseen source. Give our professional lighting designers your water features to illuminate and you’ll see sorcerers at work. Or play.

Holiday Lighting Done FOR You

Home with holiday lighting No one needs to be reminded of how Nashville holiday lightingbrings out the kid in all of us. Do you prefer colorful outdoor holiday lighting or the simple reverence of white lights along your roofline and in your trees? Either way, you’re sure to appreciate the benefits of having Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville design and install your holiday lighting displays. Try it once and you will never install your own outdoor holiday lighting again. If you’re tired of the same lighting displays every year, let us change it up for you. Our illuminated wreaths and garlands of white lights will take your breath away.

Festive Event Lighting You Won’t Want to RemoveFestive event lighting in patio

The first ingredient for a celebratory atmosphere in your Franklin, TN, back yard is festival string lighting. Some call them party lights or bistro lights, but it’s happy-time festive by any name. Festive string lighting serves more than one purpose here. First, it’s decorative and sets the vibe, putting all your guests in the mood to celebrate the happy couple, graduate, or birthday girl. Next, it provides light to see by as the sun sets and your guests take their places at your seated dinner on the lawn. Finally, it defines the area designated for the event and keeps guests in the party zone. Warning: Once you have festive lighting installed, you may want to keep it! That’s okay, because our high-quality string lighting stands up to outdoor conditions, perfect for year-round use.

The Best Commercial and Hospitality Lighting Your Business Has Ever Had

Path lighting Since outdoor lighting is essential for any business in Franklin, TN, go with the best: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. Outdoor lighting is all we do, which is one reason we’re the best around. We have been designing and installing commercial outdoor lighting, including hospitality lighting, for more than 30 years, and your business will benefit from our vast experience. Restaurant patio lighting beckons your guests to stop in for good food and good times. Entrance lighting and parking lot fixtures increase your guests’ safety at night. Even if your business isn’t open at night, elegant lighting on your property reminds passers-by where you’re located. When it’s time to replace your current lighting contractor, call us for a design consultation.

Whether your outdoor lighting needs in Franklin, TN, are residential or commercial – or both – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is ready to work with you. Contact us today at (615) 697-4629.

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