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Forest Hills, TN Outdoor Lighting

With more than 100,000 installations completed, we know what it takes to do outdoor lighting right. No other company has more experience than Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. So when we design, install and maintain your system, you can be confident you’ll love the result.

Family enjoying front porch and pathway lighting

Outdoor Lighting is What We Do. And It's All We Do

Appearing in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, Traditional Home and Landscape Architecture, as an acclaimed full-service outdoor lighting company, we do one thing — outdoor lighting — with a passion for perfection. You’ll see the difference in our premium quality materials, our attention to detail and consistently responsive customer service. But the biggest difference is our professional lighting design, which adds the “wow” to the watts and gives your system its stunning aesthetic appeal.

From landscape lighting to architectural lighting to fun-time overhead string lighting, Forest Hills, TN, residents have admired the work of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville all around town. Whether you know it or not, we’re responsible for illuminating many of the elegant homes and prosperous businesses you see every day. We want to become your outdoor lighting partner, too.

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Front of home lighting

Forest Hills, TN Outdoor Lighting Design

Gazebo lightingYou may not think of outdoor lighting as something that has to be designed. It does! To be effective, outdoor lighting at your home will refuse to “play nicely” until it’s designed and installed by outdoor lighting professionals. Much like interior design, outdoor lighting designed by professionals pairs a trained eye with high-quality fixtures you might not otherwise access.

Landscape Lighting Illuminates Your Forest Hills, TN, Property

We don’t want to set your landscape ablaze, we just want to show off its beauty at night. Your favorite outdoor objects and favorite parts of your yard will be transformed by professional landscape lighting. It takes training, skill, and a natural eye for design to choose the best fixtures and place them at the right distances and perfect angles. Amateurs and part-timers will not achieve the kind of outdoor lighting perfection we do. Outdoor lighting is all we do, and it’s our passion.

Garden lightingYour special and most beautiful trees, your statues and fountains, your formal or informal gardens – we can showcase each of these with subtle landscape lighting at night. Water features create new drama when the addition of outdoor lighting combines sight with sound. Your pool will take on an ethereal personality when its surface dances with gentle waves of light.

Path Lighting Keeps Your Guests Safe

Pathway lightingDo you have paths or walkways on your Forest Hills TN property that go dark at night? If so, we recommend path lighting to eliminate possible tripping hazards along the way. A loose stone, a paver with an uneven surface, stepping stones that shift – all these could spell disaster. We can increase safety at your home with a series of low lights dotting those pathways.

Landscape Lighting Extends Time on the Deck and Patio

Gate and pathway lightingre you still getting by with candles to see your way around your deck or patio? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can create the ambiance you want for your outdoor living spaces. With the appropriate amount of lighting, your Forest Hills TN deck and patio will quickly become your favorite outdoor place in the evening. You’ll enjoy this improvement so much you won’t go indoors until bedtime!

Commercial & Hospitality Outdoor Lighting

Many of Forest Hills’ fine stores, upscale shopping centers, restaurants and hotels know who to turn to for their outdoor lighting needs: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. Because we’ve handled the commercial lighting needs of Nashville and Forest Hills TN for more than 30 years, we need no introduction. Scope out your competitors, find those with the most attractive and effective outdoor lighting, and ask who they use: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.Front of home and driveway lighting

We Want To Be Your Outdoor Lighting Partner

If you already have outdoor lighting at your home or business, we will offer you the best maintenance plan available in the industry regardless of who installed your lighting. We can evaluate your lighting and replace or repair it as needed. We specialize in outdoor lighting upgrades and retrofits, so if you still have halogen lights we may be able to convert your system to energy-efficient LED. Let us bring your outdated outdoor lighting system up to date. We want to be your Forest Hills, TN, outdoor lighting expert installers and maintenance partners.

Professional Architectural Lighting Enhances Your Elegant Home

Front of Estate building lighting There is no better way to showcase your home than with professionally designed and installed architectural and façade lighting. Our elegant lighting meets your elegant home with the sweetness of a warm spring evening in Forest Hills, Tennessee. Our sturdy copper and brass fixtures will blend with your landscape so you notice the effects of lighting, not the lights themselves. Your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting designer will create a lighting plan that draws out the most interesting features of your home’s façade for extra depth and dimension. Suddenly “nighttime curb appeal” becomes real.

Decorative Lighting for Your Forest Hills, TN, Home – at Christmas or All Year Long

Tree lightingWe’re not suggesting you keep your holiday lights up year-round. This is just a friendly reminder that festival string lighting can decorate your yard any time of year. Some homeowners wait until they’re celebrating a special occasion to consider decorating the yard with strings of party lights. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding or a special birthday, when the party’s over many clients don’t want us to remove their festive lighting.

On the other hand, creative clients prove you don’t need to wait for a once-in-a-lifetime event to enjoy festival lighting in your yard. Give your patio or deck an everyday lift with strings of light. You’ll thank us for the idea – and the installation! Our high-quality strings of outdoor lights are made to withstand any kind of weather so they’re suitable for year-round use.Festive patio lighting

If you’re still buying and hanging your own holiday lights, we suggest it’s time to turn this chore over to the professionals. Let someone else (us, of course!) climb the ladders to decorate your roofline, your tall doors, and your trees.

We will store your holiday lights until it’s time to display them again next year. We can also refresh your seasonal lights with new designs whenever you’d like us to. Whether you love colorful displays or the elegance of white light strands, we will impress you – and your neighbors – with our outdoor holiday lighting displays.

Holiday lighting

Whether your outdoor lighting needs in Forest Hills, TN, are residential or commercial, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is ready to amaze you. Contact us today at (615) 697-4629.

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