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Nashville Outdoor Lighting’s Lifelong Friend And Partner In Trusted Protection Is Charles M. Moore

It’s kind of like the fable of The Little Engine that could – with lights.

Back in 1986, after a storied career in lighting on the manufacturer’s side, Bob Lyons Sr. decided to start putting lights in the ground to illuminate and protect Nashville home exteriors and businesses.

OLP owner

Originally known as Lightscapes, this long-standing Nashville outdoor lighting provider not only invented the concept of outdoor lighting, but became the masterclass for the industry.

lights on house

And as they invented the outdoor lighting category, it stands to reason that their continued longevity is built on trust among its clients, associates, and communities they proudly serve.

In fact, after 35 years in outdoor lighting sales, design, installation and service, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has become synonymous with the hashtag #InheritableLighting.

beautiful pergola

Inheritable Lighting means that clients of Nashville outdoor lighting wunderkind keep coming back to the original illumination source because they always get it right.

They refer friends and family for residential outdoor lighting, and their outdoor lighting clients also illuminate their businesses and retail shops with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Friendship. Loyalty. Trust. The cornerstones of lifelong relationships.

The same is true for the relationship of Outdoor Lighting of Nashville with Charles M. Moore Insurance Agency. Representing more than 150 insurance companies, Charles M. Moore serves as OLP’s guardian angel, if you will – always there to advise and execute exquisite protection for personal and business coverage as well as life insurance.

Like Nashville’s original outdoor lighting company, Charles M. Moore is a family business, too. Bob Lyons Sr.’s son – Bob Jr. – has grown to become a master among certified outdoor lighting technicians in design, installation and ongoing service.

outdoor porch

In fact, their Annual Maintenance Plan is just like having an insurance policy on your outdoor lighting system. With annual item-by-item review of your outdoor illumination system, the Lyons family and their staff ensures that with continuous proactive attention, the LED landscape and pathway illumination systems of their clients continually perform as brightly and unobstructed as the day they were installed.

So, whether your objective is to beautify and protect your home exterior, landscapes, pathways, driveways, poolside or outdoor living areas, meet your new lifelong trusted friend and partner, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

pool llighting

And with the change of seasons now here, be sure to think about adding festive outdoor lighting as you start to plan your spring and summer outdoor parties and family celebrations. In a word, the atmosphere it creates is magical.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is Music City’s most trusted outdoor lighting company for over 30 years. Experience professional installation with after sale service and maintenance that is top notch. For a free evaluation, contact us today.