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Goodlettsville TN Outdoor Lighting Is Extraordinary In Every Way Thanks To Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Goodlettsville, oh Goodlettsville, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

For starters, Goodlettsville TN is home to some very special people connected to Music City, and they know who they are. As for livability, just 12 miles north of downtown Nashville, Goodlettsville TN boasts big-city appeal in residential neighborhoods like Ridgetop Acres, Rolling Acres, Lakeside Park, Old Springfield Pike,

Northridge Estates, Briarwood Estates, Plantation Estates, and

Caldwell Country Estates.

Goodlettsville Outdoor Lighting Boasts Exquisite Design And Installation

This hidden gem of a city is made even more special after sunset thanks to the energy-efficient illuminations custom designed, installed and serviced by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

In case you weren’t aware, the concept and business of professional outdoor lighting and professional landscape lighting was born in neighboring Nashville over 35 years ago.

Tennessee local business entrepreneur and lighting expert, Bob Lyons, founded the company to bring exterior illumination to homes across the area.

And boy, oh boy, has our company stood the test of time.

Thousands of homes are now beautified and protected by the energy-efficient beams of low voltage exterior lighting in parts of Davidson County and Sumner County.

What kind of low voltage exterior lighting, you ask? Plenty.

Starting at the curb, encompassing your landscape and your home’s architectural design, our unparalleled outdoor lighting adds life to your Goodlettsville TN home and property after dark.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is legendary for creating custom outdoor lighting systems to accentuate area Goodlettsville TN homes for added nighttime beauty, functionality, safety, and security.

We offer top-of-the-line proprietary fixtures, expert lighting designers, and meticulous outdoor lighting installation. All backed by more than 3 decades of skill and proficiency.

Goodlettsville Landscape Lighting Installer

For discerning homeowners who desire innovative, custom architectural lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives knows full well that architectural lighting isn’t just a decorative element – it’s a vital component for Goodlettsville TN homes.

Throughout our diversity of interesting neighborhoods, illuminating residential structures and landscapes adds visual appeal, enhances safety, and bolsters a home’s architectural beauty or a company’s brand image.

Benefits of architectural lighting include:

Aesthetic Enhancement: Architectural landscape lighting magnifies the beauty of a home exterior, casting a warm glow on facades and enhancing unique architectural features.

Safety: This type of Goodlettsville TN landscape lighting promotes safety and security by efficiently illuminating pathways, entrances, and driveways, ensuring smooth navigation for residents and visitors.

Energy Efficiency: With the latest in our landscape lighting technology suite of LED lighting solutions, energy is significantly reduced without compromising quality – a win for your pocketbook and our environment.

Professional Outdoor Lighting In Goodlettsville

Being blessed with weather that allows us to enjoy our outdoor spaces more often than not, professional outdoor lighting in Goodlettsville TN allows homeowners and their guests to linger longer outdoors each and every evening.

Decks, patios, hardscapes, outdoor kitchens and dining rooms bathed in our stunning beams of light welcome all to spend the most enjoyable evenings outdoors – on a regular basis!

So, if you’re looking for a Goodlettsville TN backyard lighting solution that adds just the right amount of glow, call us at 615-697-4629.

Outdoor string lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, also known as bistro or café lighting, sets the stage for relaxed, festive backyard enjoyment. Our custom installations create fluid, seamless rows of string lighting to produce the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space, whether across a back deck, strung over a patio, garden, or any other space you desire.

Our proprietary premium string lights are one of the most versatile lighting solutions available here in Goodlettsville TN. They can be manipulated to fit into any space, regardless of the area’s size or shape.

With our meticulous professional installation, you can rest assured we will install supports where needed to brace your lights and use the exact amount of string lighting so there are no extra wires. With bistro lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you get the glow you want and the versatility you need to enjoy your yard – all night long if you so desire.

Serving Goodlettsville TN’s Outdoor Lighting Needs For Over 30 Years

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is Goodlettsville’s leading choice for custom design, installation, and maintenance of high-quality, energy-efficient outdoor lighting installations.

There are many reasons why homeowners turn to our professional COLT-Certified design team for all of their outdoor lighting needs – and our project methodology is one of them. We pay attention to each and every detail in order to create a professional, stress-free experience for our clients. Our process includes:

1. Connect: Our services begin when you reach out to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to schedule your complimentary lighting assessment. A representative from our local office will find a convenient time to meet with you and discuss your outdoor lighting needs. To do so, call us at 615-697-4629 – or click here.

2. Consult: Our consultation is all about you, your property, and your needs, and there is no obligation to buy. We’ll tour your home, landscape and outdoor living spaces with you and discuss your preferences, budget, and any concerns or questions you may have. We can also make recommendations on areas where we can enhance beauty, increase safety, and improve the functionality of your space.

3. Design: Following our discussion, our design team will provide you with a design proposal and estimate for your consideration. We’ll be honest and upfront and there won’t be any surprises. The price you are quoted will be the price you pay.

4. Install: Our installation process is our time to really shine! Our professional installation team is thoroughly trained and will pay attention to every single detail. We’ll perfectly position our efficient LED fixtures and make sure any wires are buried or hidden. When we are finished, we’ll clean up and leave your property in better shape than when we found it. Only you will know that we were even there.

5. Maintain: For every Goodlettsville TN outdoor lighting and landscape lighting system we install, we include 12 months of free maintenance to ensure your lighting is always shining as brightly as it did the day we installed it. For a reasonable fee, you can extend this peace-of-mind coverage annually with our Annual Maintenance Plan.

Keeping Goodlettsville TN In The Best Light Possible

When it comes to exemplary service, no other outdoor lighting Annual Maintenance Plan is more thorough than Outdoor Lighting Perspectives here in Goodlettsville TN. On an annual basis we:

✓ Replace all halogen bulbs (LEDs last much longer)

✓ Repair any damaged wire

✓ Rebury any wiring that has surfaced which often occurs due to lawn and landscape maintenance

✓ Straighten fixtures that may have been bumped

✓ Inspect your transformer

✓ Reset / check your timer

✓ Trim plant overgrowth that may be obstructing the light beam

✓ Perform simple changes to enhance the effects of your lighting

But that’s not all. Throughout the year, you will receive priority response and service call repairs at no charge. Your lighting system remains headache-free and operating beautifully.

You enjoy your first year of annual maintenance free with your full-service outdoor lighting system installation. After the initial year, you may sign up for our continued Annual Maintenance Plan if you desire.

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