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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville Lights Historic Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ

When you are asked to work on a building with as much history as the Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ in downtown Nashville, you know you have an outdoor lighting opportunity that is going to make an impact on the entire neighborhood. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville does not shy away from illuminating large scale buildings with loads of angles, texture and height. The Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ presented a challenge that our team loves to tackle, and we couldn’t wait to help showcase this grand building in the evening light.

This beautiful building sits right on the corner, and we wanted to make sure that outdoor lighting would show off the brick texture, the magnificent turrets, peaks at the roofline and amazing gothic architecture of this 1894 historic structure. We wanted to play up the entryway with its grand antique front doors and steps, and the stone base underpinning of this gracious building.

Church Outdoor Lighting Requires a Specialized Lighting Contractor that Understands these Buildings

Church and worship center lighting is a job for an experienced lighting contractor that has deep knowledge in illuminating these types of structures. Lighting a Church is vastly different than lighting a residence, so be sure to hire an outdoor lighting company that knows what they are doing when it comes to this specialized type of outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives worked with St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in Nashville just a few years ago to assist them in illuminating the interior of the Church with spectacular effect. Our lighting designers can help your Church, synagogue or worship center with outdoor and indoor lighting to appeal to the congregation by bringing your worship building out of the shadows at night.

Benefits of Church Lighting

Church outdoor lighting is beneficial in a number of ways, as it makes a huge impact on the neighborhood and surrounding property. Large scale buildings appear to leap out of the night with impressive scale that draws attention to current and prospective parishioners. Every aspect of the structure can be illuminated, such as the roofline, walls, entrance, signage, steps, steeple and windows. The landscape, shrubbery and trees will come alive with color. Any ornamental features such as a cross, statuary or other important imagery can be illuminated in a way to make a marked impression on any passerby.

Safety and security is automatically increased in areas where parishioners congregate with proper outdoor lighting. We can add step lighting to increase visibility to prevent potential slips or falls. Walkways and sidewalks can feature lighting that makes navigation easy even on the darkest night.

If you need your Church or worship building illuminated indoors or out, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville for a professional outdoor lighting design evaluation. We have a long history of lighting many of Nashville’s biggest attractions and historic venues since 1995.