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Belle Meade, TN Homeowners and Businesses Discover the Power of Professional Outdoor Lighting

The term outdoor lighting and the city of Belle Meade, TN, go together like a lovely, manicured hand in an exquisite kid glove. They just fit, and they feel wonderful. As you drive through the city on your way home in the evening, aren’t the most elegantly-illuminated homes the ones that capture your attention?

Landscape lighting in front of estateIf your Belle Meade home is already enrobed in a gentle wash of outdoor illumination, from architectural and façade lighting to landscape lighting, we commend you. We know you appreciate the importance of nighttime curb appeal. You also appreciate the dramatic effects of outdoor lighting when it enhances the beauty of your home. Your family enjoys the extra hours you gain at night when your outdoor living spaces are illuminated as well. Your household budget will appreciate the energy-efficiency of today’s LED outdoor lighting, too.

However, if you have not yet called Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to arrange a consultation about illuminating your Belle Meade, TN, property at night, we have one question. What are you waiting for?

Pathway lighting in front of houseLike Fine Hotels and Restaurants, Outdoor Lighting Welcomes Your Guests

As you travel, stay in the finest hotels, and enjoy 5-star restaurants, you may take their elegant exterior lighting for granted. Of course, they are elegantly illuminated. Outdoor lighting at these establishments enhances safety, draws customers, and welcomes them as guests. If they weren’t glowing beautifully after dark, you probably wouldn’t give them your business. (And that’s hard to imagine!)

Why should your home be any less welcoming? Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting at your Belle Meade TN home will welcome your guests and remind them they’re important to you. Outdoor lighting at home also welcomes you and each family member as you return after dark. Whether you’ve come from a long day at the office or an energetic afternoon of shopping, don’t you appreciate the gentle glow of a welcoming driveway? A cheerfully-illuminated front door?

Belle Meade TN Architectural and Façade Lighting Installers

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has developed a well-deserved reputation as Belle Meade’s trusted designer and installer of architectural and façade lighting. This is no accident. We have worked to earn your trust for over 30 years. Prior to the year 2000, we operated under the name “Lightscapes.” Yes, we date back to 1987, so you can see we have earned our stellar reputation as the premier outdoor lighting company in Belle Meade, TN.Wall lighting in front of house

When someone approaches your home in the daylight, what they’ll notice first is your home’s beautiful architecture. Whether the sun is shining or your home’s façade is under a ceiling of clouds, the textures, shapes, and colors of your home’s architectural style speak to your visitors. And at night? Your home’s architectural features are even more noticeable when they are bathed in subtle but effective outdoor lighting.

The Best Landscape Lighting to be Found in Belle Meade, TN

ITree shining lightf you have elegant architectural and façade lighting at your Belle Meade, TN, home, then landscape lighting cannot be far behind. The two kinds of outdoor lighting go hand-in-hand. You wouldn’t want a beautifully-illuminated home set in a pitch-dark yard, would you? Once you see the dramatic effects of landscape lighting on your
property, you’ll never be satisfied with a flat, dark setting again.

What makes Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ work in landscape lighting rise above that of other companies? We have the best people, of course. We hire the best and train them in the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives way. When you call us for landscape lighting services, the first thing you’ll notice is our professionalism. Outdoor lighting is all we do, and we take our work very seriously.

How Do We Do It? Your Belle Meade TN Landscape Lighting Design Consultation

When we arrive at your home for your outdoor lighting design consultation, our first objective is learning your goals for outdoor lighting at your home. A typical homeowner’s lighting goals include welcoming guests, enhancing safety, showcasing favorite trees and plants, and increasing the usability of outdoor living spaces. That sounds like a tall order, but an artful and well-planned outdoor lighting design can accomplish all this and more.

Our lighting designer’s next order of business is to walk your property with you so we can learn what elements throughout the yard you would most like to illuminate. We’ll point out specific trees and gardens that we know from experience would be enhanced dramatically with landscape lighting. Do you have statues or other kinds of outdoor art on your property? Let us use our lighting artistry to draw them out of the shadows and bring them to life at night.

pathway of lights in Commercial Outdoor Lighting for the Belle Meade TN Hospitality Industry

Energy-efficient LED commercial outdoor lighting supports a healthy bottom line for any kind of business. Nowhere is this more important than the hospitality industry. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been illuminating hotels, restaurants, and all kinds of commercial establishments for over 30 years. Let us put our years of specialized experience to work for your business. We manage all facets of commercial outdoor lighting including design, installation, and maintenance. We keep your outdoor lighting looking great all year, and year after year.

Path Lighting Increases Safety for Guests and Family Alikeoutside light placement

Landscape lighting isn’t about the biggest and brightest lights. As you become more familiar with the work of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, you’ll notice that placement and direction are even more important than brightness. Path lighting is a prime example of this practice. Path lighting is what we call the low-to-the-ground lights that help you see your way across stepping stones, pavers, and any kind of path around your yard. Safe passage around your property is important to you so it’s important to us.

Are Your Belle Meade TN Landscape Lighting Fixtures Invisible?

One characteristic of our lighting style is that we do not draw your eye to the lighting fixtures we use. We prefer that you notice the effects of the lighting, not the lights themselves. However, our fixtures are actually quite attractive. We use the highest quality copper and brass fixtures, and these develop a rich patina over time to blend in nicely with your landscape.

More Time forOutdoor Living – and That Means Outdoor Lighting

Deck and tree lighting in backyardLandscape lighting will give you more hours outside each night when it comes to enjoying the outdoor living spaces around your Belle Meade home. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we never believe that your family’s outdoor activities need to draw to a close when darkness sets in. Entertaining on your deck or patio will become less stressful when you have the whole evening ahead of you, including the time after nightfall. You and your guests will not have to pick up and move inside as long as you have effective lighting around your outdoor living spaces. Our clients often remark that they’re amazed how much more they use their outdoor living spaces after we install landscape lighting for them.

Landscape Lighting’s Hypnotic Effect at Your Pool and Other Water Features

Pool lightingOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is your Belle Meade TN pool lighting specialist, and that service extends to any kind of water features in your yard. You know how hypnotic a pool becomes when soft lighting rides its undulating surface. Now add that entrancing effect to a fountain or a waterfall tumbling into a pond. The visual effects of subtle lighting with the gentle sounds of cascading water create an amazing experience for the senses.

When It’s Party Time at Your Belle Mead TN Home, Festive Lighting Rules

Our lighting designers and installers are pros when it comes to delivering festive party lights for your events. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, family reunion, or the birthday party of the century, Patio lightingyou know you need festive string lighting. Getting it just right isn’t always as easy as it looks! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to have your party lights expertly installed.

You may not be willing to let those festive lights go after your event is over, and that’s alright. The effect is energizing and may have you finding something to celebrate every night, or at least every weekend. The high-quality festive string light fixtures we use will stand up to punishing weather and are approved for year-round use. Enjoy!

Belle Meade Holiday Lighting? Residential or Commercial, We Have You Covered

Turn the annual task of holiday lighting over to us. Let us climb the ladders and handle the installation of lights along your rooftop and around your trees. Whether you’re tired of displaying the same old holiday lights every year, or you’re ready to give up the installation chores, we’re here for you. We have fresh, new holiday lighting you’ll enjoy. Our lighted wreaths lend an unmatched elegance to your doors and windows – even garage doors. Give us a call to talk about holiday lighting at your home or business for the 2019 holiday season.

driveway lighting

Whether your outdoor lighting needs in Belle Meade, TN, are residential or commercial – or both – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is ready to work with you. Contact us today at (615) 697-4629.

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