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Mount Juliet TN Landscape Lighting Increases Evening Enjoyment

One of the joys of living in Mount Juliet is the abundance of outdoor activities in this beautiful city 17 miles east of Nashville – or Music City as we like to refer to it.

Mount Juliet backyard outdoor lighting

When it comes to outdoor family fun and recreation, it’s hard to top the experiences at Charlie Daniels Park here in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. This family-friendly setting features playgrounds, plus tennis, basketball and sand volleyball courts.

Abundant with a wide variety of playground structures, sports fields, walking trails and picnic areas, it’s a great way to spend your leisure daytime hours before heading back home for the evening.

Mount Juliet Residential Outdoor Lighting Welcomes Families Home With Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting

After an activity-filled day, custom outdoor lighting installations by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives welcomes you back home to reminisce and reflect on the memories and great times shared earlier that day.

Mount Juliet custom outdoor lighting

There’s something truly wonderful about arriving back home during the darkened evening hours and seeing your home illuminated with stunning low voltage lighting effects.

Surrounded by handcrafted spun copper, our high output LED landscape lighting fixtures cast magical glows onto your home exterior façade, shrubs, perennial blossoms, and special architectural features that affirm your love of Mount Juliet upscale outdoor lighting design.

This unique outdoor lighting fixture performs double duty, highlighting your approach back home and illuminating a favorite tree, textured wall or lush planting bed simultaneously. Beauty and safety are together enhanced, thanks to the clever design and professional placement by our COLT-Certified team of landscape lighting experts.

Mount Juliet Backyard Lighting Is Tailormade For Our Climate Year Round

As Mount Juliet experiences a mild climate, particularly in the spring and fall seasons, families cherish their time in their outdoor living spaces.

The evenings often have comfortable temperatures, making it enjoyable to spend time outdoors on your deck or patio. Our professional outdoor lighting designers create solutions that beautifully illuminate and accentuate your outdoor living spaces, using subtle touches of energy-efficient LED light to accentuate features without overpowering the yard or detracting from your nighttime view.

Mount Juliet outdoor lighting for outdoor living spaces

This greatly enhances the ambiance of your backyard spaces. It also extends the usable square footage of your home, opening up your deck, porch or patio for nighttime entertaining. And with our fully programmable automatic lighting controls, your entire yard can switch on and off each evening at your discretion. Owning the night was never easier.

Mount Juliet Landscape Lighting With A Long History Of Excellence Behind It

The birth of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can be traced back to us here in Nashville since 1999, as we pioneered our acclaimed full service business model to become a driving force in the way outdoor lighting was brought to market.

Prior to that time, we were known as Lightscapes when we explored the creation of low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures made by us here in Nashville, to serve Mount Juliet homes and businesses.

By creating a turnkey landscape lighting business which featured the advent of the “night-time demonstration,” we brought the concept of all-inclusive outdoor lighting and landscape lighting out of the shadows and made it available to both discerning homes and businesses.

Mount Juliet LED Outdoor Lighting Is The New Standard For Highly Efficient Illumination

Back when we first started lighting homes in Mount Juliet, we used halogen lamps inside our landscape lighting fixtures. Thanks to the tremendous strides in outdoor illumination technologies, today it’s a whole new ballgame with LED outdoor fixtures being the preferred choice.

The evolution of outdoor lighting fixtures from halogen to LED can be attributed to several factors. Here is some history behind this transition.

One of the primary reasons for the shift from halogen to LED lighting is the significant improvement in energy efficiency. LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology is much more efficient than halogen lighting, converting a higher percentage of electrical energy into light while minimizing wasted heat energy. LED lights consume less electricity for the same level of brightness, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

Our LED lights have a considerably longer lifespan compared to halogen bulbs. LEDs can last tens of thousands of hours, whereas halogen bulbs typically last only a fraction of that time. This longevity reduces the frequency of bulb replacements, saving maintenance costs and inconvenience. Additionally, LED lights are more resistant to vibrations, and external impacts, making them well-suited for outdoor environments where durability is crucial.

From a design and utility standpoint, the biggest benefit is improved light quality. LEDs produce a more uniform and consistent light distribution, reducing glare and enhancing visibility. The color rendering capabilities of LEDs have also improved, allowing for better color accuracy and perception. This improvement in light quality contributes to safer and more pleasant outdoor environments.

Mount Juliet Curb Appeal Lighting That Is Beautiful For Your Home And Our Environment

LED lighting is more environmentally friendly than halogen lighting. LEDs do not contain hazardous materials like mercury, which is present in some traditional light sources. Additionally, LED lights produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions due to their lower energy consumption. The switch to LED lighting helps reduce carbon footprints and promotes sustainability.

Mount Juliet curb appeal outdoor lighting

Powered by our proprietary low voltage outdoor lighting transformers, this LED technology offers greater design flexibility for outdoor lighting fixtures. LEDs are smaller and more compact than traditional bulbs, allowing for sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing designs. LED lights can be easily integrated into various shapes and configurations, enabling lighting designers to create innovative and visually appealing outdoor lighting installations.

Cost savings is yet another reason why LED outdoor lighting is the best choice. The energy efficiency and extended lifespan of LEDs results in lower electricity bills and reduced maintenance expenses. Over time, the cost savings associated with LED lighting can be substantial.

Our LED lights are highly energy efficient, consuming significantly less electricity than halogen lights. On average, LED lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives use around 75% less energy to produce the same level of brightness as halogen lights.

This substantial reduction in energy consumption directly translates into cost savings on your electricity bills, particularly for outdoor lighting fixtures that may be used for extended periods.

Mount Juliet Backyard Lighting Perfection For The Long Term

Residential homeowners and businesses alike consider LED outdoor lighting an investment for today and tomorrow, due to its longevity and reduced maintenance needs.

All of our LED lights have a much longer lifespan compared to halogen bulbs. While halogen bulbs typically last around 2,000 to 5,000 hours, LED lights can last tens of thousands of hours. This extended lifespan means you'll need to replace LED bulbs far less frequently, reducing the maintenance and replacement costs associated with outdoor lighting.

Mount Juliet deck and patio lighting

For example, this means you won't need to purchase new bulbs as frequently, resulting in lower replacement costs over time. Additionally, although halogen bulbs are generally less expensive upfront, the cumulative cost of replacing them multiple times can be higher than investing in LED lights initially – hence LED is the future.

Mount Juliet Outdoor Lighting Is A Safer, More Functional Illumination Choice With LED

LED outdoor lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in Mount Juliet come with dimming and control capabilities, allowing you to adjust the brightness levels based on your needs. This flexibility helps optimize energy usage and further enhances cost savings. For example, during late-night hours or when lower illumination is sufficient, you can dim the LED lights, saving energy and reducing electricity costs.

For homes wishing to explore the wonders of colorful illumination here in Mount Juliet, welcome to Colored Tree Lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Mount Juliet colored tree lighting RGB

Again using LED lighting technology, colorful illuminations are not just for the holiday anymore. You can light up the night in a blaze of color – warm or bold – in as many shades and hues as you can possibly imagine.

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