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Nashville LED Outdoor Lighting is the Best Answer for Many Commercial Applications

LED lighting has become the standard to which all other lighting is now compared to, and with good reason. LED is more durable, safer, longer-lasting and more efficient than other lighting technologies. In addition, it is also more eco-friendly as operation and disposal leave less of a carbon footprint on the environment. Most people are fully aware of the benefits of LED in regards to residential indoor and outdoor lighting, but how about LED in commercial applications?

The Incredible, Editable Commercial LED’s

Not only does LED offer more control than halogen in commercial lighting applications, they are also more editable. This makes it is easier to have the benefit of light exactly where you want and need it. The small optic within our Nashville LED commercial outdoor lighting fixtures means greater control of the light spread itself. No longer is there a need for large commercial lighting fixtures in order to get premium quality lighting results. Our implements mean fewer fixtures are needed to get the effect you have in mind — when it comes to LED commercial outdoor lighting, less is more!

Commercial Lighting

In regards to larger commercial areas, such as parking lots, common areas and entrances, LED is many times the best answer. Businesses and other organizations are now using LED to replace defunct metal halide or high-pressure sodium lighting. LED serves as an efficient, durable technology which can benefit business owners by reducing light maintenance needs and electricity bills. It also increases safety by eliminating the dangerous dark spots many parking lots and entries using older lighting technologies have.

Apartment entrance lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is also seeing great success with LED in regards to outdoor lighting at hospitality venues. We have installed LED commercial-grade outdoor lighting at local hotels, resorts, bed & breakfasts, condominiums and apartment complexes. We are the one and only full-service exterior lighting company for hospitality buildings solely focused on soup-to-nuts professional outdoor lighting design, installation and maintenance for hospitality venues. Our highly-efficient LED lighting installations can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. Whether it be a retrofit of an outdated system or a new-build plan we proudly serve Nashville hospitality venues with expert consultation, the latest technologies and premium fixtures.

Pool Area Lighting

Commercial LED Beyond Utilitarian

We cannot mention the benefits of LED outdoor lighting for commercial applications without mentioning the WOW factor! Our unique and forward-thinking commercial lighting designs reach far beyond utilitarian purposes. From the freedom of “on-a-whim” color-changing LED technologies to festive European-inspired string lighting and holiday LED commercial lighting — the creative possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

String Lighting

Interesting in bringing your commercial venue into the best light to increase customer happiness and help build your bottom line? Contact us today to learn more at (615) 697-4629.