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For more than 30 years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been designing, installing and servicing Nashville’s finest landscape lighting. We serve the entire Nashville market and create a custom lighting design for each of our customers. A custom design starts with the clients’ goals. Are they looking to beautify a particular area? Is the lighting going to provide safe travel because it’s a walkway or pathway? Is the lighting going to provide security by lighting around the areas where intruders like to hide? It starts with the homeowners…

Front porch and landscape with lighting
After reviewing the homeowners’ goals, we go to work. There is no set formula for which lighting fixtures go in which spaces. Knowing this takes years of experience and years of training. Although many different fixtures and techniques can light a particular area, a good lighting designer will match the fixture, the area being illuminated, and your goals to create the perfect custom design.

In Nashville, we have all sizes of homes from very tall, to very wide, to adorable bungalows – and everything in between. It’s important to take in not only the dimensions of the area being illuminated but also the specific architectural features. If tall elegant columns grace the front of your home, these can be elegantly illuminated to make a welcoming statement to all who enter.

Pathway with lighting

One very important element of landscape lighting is path lighting. First, it serves a very functional need of safe travel down the path at night. Secondly, the path lighting might not have the cover of nearby landscaping. When that’s the case, what do you want those lights to look like? How can you keep lawnmowers from taking them down with the adjoining grass? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we believe that good landscape lighting is all about the effect and not about the fixture. Our genuine copper fixtures are stunning when first out of the box. But, we chose copper because of the way it patinas. As it patinas, it will blend into the landscaping to allow the eye to focus on the area being illuminated instead of the illumination. In terms of being run over by tricycles and mowers? Any light not protected by nearby landscaping or nearby architectural elements has the chance of falling prey to errant wheels of some sort or to errant furry feet.

Courtyard with lighting
( Can you spot the fixtures in this Belle Meade courtyard garden?)

Our fixtures are installed by well-trained professionals. By no means do they have a short stake able to barely hold their own. When we install the fixtures, we use a long threaded stake to give your fixture stability. In addition, should the occasional errant mower find the fixture, our fixture will put up a good battle. The fixtures are not painted so no paint will chip off. They are made of solid metal instead of hollow aluminum or another lower quality aluminum or vinyl. They stand the test of time physically and aesthetically.

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