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Brentwood Lights for Brentwood Nights

Front porch lightingBrentwood, TN, homeowners know all about putting the proverbial best foot forward, but not everyone in Brentwood has recognized how much outdoor lighting can help! Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting – combining architectural and landscape lighting – elevates your home’s outdoor presentation to the next level. When you see the before-and-after photos, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

— Welcome home to Brentwood professional outdoor lighting!

Presenting your home without professional outdoor lighting is like forgetting to wear your jewelry to the gala or not cleaning up after tinkering with your antique car engines. If you have a post coach lamp and a few front porch lights, please don’t be offended if we suggest that outdoor lighting can be so much more effective.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been illuminating the finest Brentwood TN homes and commercial establishments for more than 30 years. You may remember Lightscapes, our name prior to 2000. Our long list of satisfied clients continues to grow each year.

Start with Architectural and Façade Lighting at Your Northumberland Home

Northumberland homes are stunning by daylight, but without professional outdoor lighting, they almost fade into darkness at night. Often homeowners think their porch lights will suffice. As you can see from these photographs, professionally-designed outdoor lighting achieves a dramatic effect that goes far beyond porch lights.

Nashville architectural lighting on Brentwood homeArchitectural and façade lighting means just what it sounds like – in the right hands, that is. You definitely want to enlist the services of an outdoor lighting designer knowledgeable about lighting techniques. A professional will know which fixtures and techniques, in just the right locations, can achieve your desired results. While we are your Brentwood outdoor lighting installers in Governors Club and Brentmeade Estates, among other fine neighborhoods, we do plenty more than install lighting. Think of us as artists using light to create the most elegant effects.Nashville architectural lighting on Brentwood home

Which special or unique features of your home’s façade would you like to see illuminated? Architectural lighting has a way of gently bringing those features to the forefront where they’ll be appreciated. Arched windows, decorative trim, gabled rooflines, a pair of columns – your home presents a unique combination of features and textures. Only Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ custom-designed outdoor lighting will do them justice.

Landscape Lighting in Brentwood TN … Elegant and Understated

Nashville architectural lighting on Brentwood homeFrom Annandale to Valhalla, homeowners with professional landscape lighting will experience an extra level of comfort when they pull into their own driveways at night. In the front of your home, landscape lighting works in concert with architectural lighting to create nighttime curb appeal. While you expect your outdoor lighting to create a warm welcome for your guests, you may be surprised to find that you feel embraced as well.

Landscape lighting is a broad term that encompasses several kinds of outdoor lighting. All facets work together to create a unified effect you will recognize as pleasing and satisfying. From your tallest trees to the flower beds following the curve of your walkways, landscape lighting can be high or low. Its effects can be dialed up or down, crescendo to diminuendo, according to your wishes. Our lighting designers will point out which trees are most effectively illuminated from below and which are candidates for moonlighting with lights shining down through foliage, dappling the grass.

Showcasing Your Favorite Landscape Features

In addition to their gardens and trees, many Brentwood landscapes such as those in Belle Rive and Oak HillNashville architectural lighting on Brentwood home feature ornamental objects we can illuminate beautifully. An obvious selection would be a fountain or a waterfall cascading softly into a pond. With skillful lighting design, we can lift your water features out of darkness at night, and the effect can be quite dramatic.

Does your landscape include any statues or other art objects? Whether the effect you desire is whimsical or stately, your Brentwood lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has the experience and the equipment to achieve it.

Serving All of Your Outdoor Lighting Needs with Superior Customer Service

We value all of our Brentwood outdoor lighting clients whether residential or commercial and want to provide you with an exceptional experience. Every lighting design we create and install is custom-made for your location, your architecture, and your landscape. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations. We hope you will read our reviews when considering your purchase, and we encourage you to write your own review when we complete your installation.

Pool and surrounding yard lighting

Use Pathway Lighting to Increase Safety on Your Property

Pathway lightingOn a practical note, we always recommend you consider special lighting for any areas of your Princeton Hills property where guests will follow a path or walkway. Even if the path simply leads from your driveway to the front steps, path lighting increases safety.

If you have walkways paved with stepping stones, bricks, or pavers, you never know when a stone or brick will become uneven or unlodged. It’s wise to illuminate walkways from your back patio to the pool, for example, as even the most sure-footed child or adult can become distracted.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Areas with Extended Hours Nashville pergola lighting

Take your Arlington Heights deck or patio from closes at dusk to open all night. While you may not want to stay outdoors all night, with landscape lighting around your outdoor living spaces you always have that option! Our professional lighting designers will incorporate a bit of lighting here and there to improve visibility while establishing just the ambiance you want. If visibility and ambiance seem like contradictory goals, trust Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to find the perfect balance. If your patio has a step up or down from the yard, you will need a bit of light, without question. Deck stairs require riser lights for safety, and LED lights can be tiny but effective. If your deck was installed without lighting, we’ll be sure to take care of that for you.

Amenities like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces are greatly enhanced with outdoor lighting as well. We know how to add task lighting for food prep without blinding the grill master or the guests. Subtle lighting at the base of outdoor bar seating will put your guests at ease and create a relaxing atmosphere. An outdoor fireplace that’s set back from the main patio or deck looks dramatic when illuminated even when it’s not in use.

Beyond Outdoor Living – Festive String Lighting Elevates Your Event

Festive outdoor lights for weddingWhen it’s time for that special outdoor event, from your daughter’s wedding to your grandson’s graduation party, nothing says festive like strings of party lighting. Our professional lighting installers are the absolute best at accomplishing your outdoor lighting goals for any special occasion at your Brentwood Country Club home. To set the mood, to direct guests to specific areas, and to provide illumination for dining, nothing works as well as festive string lighting. We use the highest quality string lighting fixtures to ensure the safety of your guests. We know how to prevent strings of lights from sagging, and we can create points from which to hang lights anywhere in your yard. Just let us know where you envision the dance floor, the bar, and the tables, and we’ll set up the perfect lighting design for your space.

Holiday Lighting, Hospitality Lighting, and Everyday Commercial Lighting

Outside of home christmas lights

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville shines during the holidays! Never again will you have to climb ladders to string lights along your roofline or around porch columns and trees. It’s a sure bet that once you have our crew design and install your holiday lights, you’ll never try to do it yourself again. This applies to homeowners as well as business owners. Our holiday lighting styles include colorful light displays as well as elegant all-white displays. Whatever your tastes in holiday lights, leave all of the work to us!

Brentwood TN Homes and Businesses Like LED Lighting Best

Nashville LED outdoor lighting at Brentwood equestrian facilityLED outdoor lighting is so beautiful and effective it’s our primary lighting technology now. Not only is LED pleasing to the eye, it’s amazingly energy efficient. Low voltage LED lighting can save you up to 80% in energy costs over halogen lights. If you already have a halogen outdoor lighting system, don’t despair. In many cases, we can retrofit your fixtures to work with LED lights, and you’ll love the resulting drop in your electric bill. We will evaluate your system and provide our recommendations at no charge.

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