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Outdoor Lighting For Recreational Outdoor Spaces Will Heighten Enjoyment For Years

Welcome back to your great outdoor living and recreational spaces.

couple enjoy outdoor space with string lighting

With spring now in full bloom, join your neighbors as we all venture back outside to enjoy the beautiful weather the season brings.

Remember, just because sunset today is at 7:47 pm, that doesn’t mean you have to head back indoors.

With our Earth-friendly, always dependable, low voltage outdoor lighting, you can stay outdoors in your backyard as long as you like – until the following morning if your heart so desires.

If you do not have our outdoor lighting yet, remember that your friends and family will be visiting you soon with the Memorial Day holiday almost upon us, so be sure to get on our outdoor lighting design calendar now while there is still time.

Backyard Lighting For Nashville

The beauty of outdoor lighting in Nashville is that joyful days of leisure and relaxation never have to end. As the sun sets and dusk beckons, enjoy the luminescent glow of our soft lighting techniques within your backyard garden and surrounding landscape.

custom landscape and garden lighting

It is always amazing how our flowers, shrubbery, and trees take on new life each and every evening as our light dances on nature’s finest gifts to us all.

Our custom lighting designers would relish treating your backyard as a blank canvas to show you how stunning it can look tonight – and every night thereafter.

Sport Courts Lighting For Nashville

If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy tennis, badminton, bocce, cornhole, horseshoes, and other outdoor games in your backyard, we have outdoor lighting fixtures and technology solutions you’ll love.

basketball court and driveway lighting

Our beautiful beam spreads, with virtually no glare, will enhance game play artfully and safely.

The bad news is that you’ll no longer be able to blame the lack of daylight for your faux pas. With our custom, professional outdoor lighting for outdoor recreation spaces, excuses like that are a thing of the past.

Lanai And Pool House Lighting For Nashville

Forget about campfire lanterns and tiki torches to light up your lanai and pool side areas. Our vast collection of copper, brass, and powder-coated outdoor lighting fixtures will surround your lanai and pool area with efficient lighting automatically – or until you decide to activate it with the touch of your mobile phone or laptop – or turn it off for the evening.

pool house lighting

And if you have yet to experience it, be sure to ask about our dazzling outdoor festive bistro lighting. The mood that it creates is as wonderfully functional as it is gorgeous.

Light Up Children’s Play Areas And Outdoor Playhouses

With school ending soon, your outdoor play areas for your children and their friends can become that oasis you’ve been wishing for to occupy the kids’ time until the sandman calls.

childrens playhouse lighting

With targeted custom outdoor lighting to enhance the usability, functionality, and safety of backyard play areas, you’ll get to enjoy some relaxation time yourself as the children remain safely occupied within eyesight and earshot.

Enjoy Safer Backyard Access With Pathway Lighting

While enjoying your outdoor spaces longer now, be sure that you can see where you’re headed without any obstructions. And when inviting friends and neighbors over for some evening entertaining, make sure they can safely navigate your pathways onto and throughout your property with outdoor lighting you can always depend on.

outdoor walkway lighting

Entertain Smarter With Outdoor Lighting For Grilling And Outdoor Kitchens

Remember when you wore that headlight to make sure the steaks sizzling on the grill were cooked to the right amount of doneness that you enjoy? Well, so do we.

patio accent lighting

Now, you can retire that headlamp and keep it for vacation expeditions with custom outdoor lighting illuminating your grilling station so that medium rare really turns out to be medium rare.

Accent Outdoor Fireplace And Fire Features With Outdoor Lighting

Be sure that the flames and sparkling embers coming from your fire pit or fireplace aren’t the only light source surrounding it and leading up to it. Here, too, our vast selection of outdoor lights is just right for any need, any angle, and any surface adjacent to or surrounding your evening fires.

festival lighting around fire pit

Linger Longer With Outdoor Lighting For Outdoor Living Spaces

Lest we forget your outdoor living room – more commonly known as your deck, patio, or covered porch – bathe it all in the right light with the low voltage warm white glow of stunning outdoor lighting.

No Longer Happy With The Outdoor Lighting You’ve Had For Year?

If your current system needs new life – or just a tweak or two – call us. Even if we didn’t design and install the system you currently have, rest assured that we can take it to the next level.

outdoor lighting in backyard

Outdoor lighting enhancements, upgrades, and retrofits are just one area where we truly shine.

For your convenience, just click here to connect with us; and we’ll be more than happy to discuss what you may be missing.

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