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Custom Outdoor Lighting Solutions For Your Nashville Home, Landscape, And Outdoor Living Areas

When you think about which home improvements will provide virtually endless benefits as you continue to enjoy living in your beautiful home, outdoor lighting surely tops the list here in Nashville, TN.

Franklin Landscape Lighting

Creating the outdoor lighting category was just the start of our acclaimed business since our founding in 1995. Over the years, we have become an integral part of our clients’ lives, and we cherish that fact.

What Home Improvement Project Delivers Endless Benefits And Enjoyment?

As you ponder that question, considering the upgrades you have added to your residence over the years, our custom outdoor lighting enhancements will surely top that list when you think about the endless benefits.

Practically speaking, adding our individually customized lighting solutions will transform your home exterior and surrounding landscape with exquisite displays of energy-efficient light.

Nashville TN Outdoor Lighting

If you think your home exterior, resplendent with those architectural details and touches of your personality looks great during the day, just wait until you see it at night.

As the sun sets each evening, our automatically programmed outdoor lighting system will literally make it shine like never before. Imagine soft, warm cascades of illumination gracing your front façade, allowing textures and finishing nuances to reveal the true detailed beauty of where you live.

And beautification is just the beginning of your transformation experience. Your exterior walkways, driveway, and landscape pathways will be easy to view for your outdoor safety after dark, helping you avoid any unexpected obstacles that may be there.

Nashville Residential Outdoor Lighting Whispering Hills

As for safety, it is proven that intruders have no love for us. Surrounding your home with light is a signal that people with negative intentions are not welcome. Period.

Outdoor Lighting Will Exponentially Enhance The Way You Live Outdoors

Thankfully, gone are the days when ultra-bright, glaring flood lamps are the only source for backyard outdoor lighting, especially for illuminating your outdoor living spaces.

Our COLT-certified lighting designers love the prospect of creating custom lighting solutions for your outdoor leisure areas to help you enjoy maximum pleasure and true functionality of your outdoor spaces after dark.

Franklin TN Patio Lighting Designs

For example, you will never have to suffer again grilling on your patio barbecue while gripping a flashlight between your teeth to see if your steaks are done to the level of perfection your family enjoys. Your patio, deck and adjacent landscape will be blessed with stunning light.

Our proprietary outdoor lighting fixtures have been designed to address every outdoor illumination need you can possibly think of.

And as for aesthetics, their finishes are designed to complement your personal style in both copper and brass.

Outdoor Lighting Will Maximize Your Ability To Entertain Family And Friends

No longer confined to your home interior for entertaining, your outdoor spaces will take on more significance in your family’s lives with lighting.

People Gathered at Table under Outdoor Lighting

You can finally add that outdoor sectional, firepit, and alfresco dining table suite you’ve been dreaming about. Tiki torches and citronella candles will become a thing of the past for illumination.

Our LED lighting solutions will create an unlimited amount of uses for enjoying life outside after dark. One of our favorites is escaping outdoors to enjoy some personal quiet time with the best-selling book you’ve been looking forward to delving into. Or maybe it’s that glass of a special after dinner beverage you savor, that always seems to be more pleasurable outside in the fresh evening air.

Add A Fraction Of The Cost Of Major Home Improvement Projects, Outdoor Lighting Has It All

  • Transformation curb appeal. Check.
  • Enlightened after dark safety and security. Check.
  • Illumination with allure that will draw you outdoors after sunset. Check.

Green Hills TN Home Facade Outdoor Lighting

And as real estate agents will attest, adding or upgrading outdoor lighting adds value to your home in a way that is unmatched by most other home improvement.

If I Already Have Outdoor Lighting, What Is The Benefit Of Adding On To My System Or Upgrading It?

Simply put, the evolution of outdoor lighting from incandescent, to halogen, to LED, has changed everything.

Technician Installing Outdoor Lighting

When we created our outdoor lighting almost 30 years ago – and in doing so this lighting category – our goal was to create an outdoor lighting system that would operate at its highest possible level of efficiency while using the least amount of energy feasible.

To achieve this, we focused on using a low voltage transformer to operate our custom lighting systems. Likewise, to maintain that operational philosophy of efficiency, we decided not to include conventional incandescent bulbs in our system, but rather used halogen bulbs, based on reliability and performance.

Halogen bulbs were a very good choice for outdoor lighting at that time. They were more energy-efficient than incandescent lights, and they were brighter. And with their greater durability, the bulbs did not need to be changed as often as incandescent bulbs. As our business grew and evolved over time, our passion for achieving the best possible illumination effects grew accordingly.

This quest led us to investigate the use of Light-Emitting Diodes (LED light bulbs) as part of our outdoor lighting protocol – which now has become our gold standard.

Nashville Low Voltage Eco Smart Outdoor Lights

Truth be told, at first, we were not satisfied with the quality of their light projection. The LED beams of light back then often had a hint of a blue cast or their broadcast of light shined extremely bright. But working with our evening illumination technologists, we eventually resolved our issues with the LED light quality and perfected the ideal combination of light and effect. Today, LED is the preferred choice for outdoor lighting sources.

So much so, in fact, that since 2008 LED lights have virtually replaced all other sources of light, including incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen. And for these reasons, an overhaul and upgrade of your older system is highly recommended.

Improve Your Life With The Beauty And Dependably Of Outdoor Light

To explore the innumerable ways we can change your perspective on life and enjoying living after dark, visit us at

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