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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year As Daylight Savings Time And Spring Arrives

So here’s the deal, folks. Yes, Daylight Savings Time is officially here. YAY!

And yes, now you’ll be hanging out in your beautiful backyard, gardens, and outdoor living spaces during most of your free time when you’re at home.

Fabulous landscape lighting after dark

With those gentle Nashville breezes, the sights of nature coming back into glorious bloom, and those fragrances coming from our landscapes and gardens, what’s not to love?

So if you’re tired – and fed up – of adjusting your standard twisty-turn timer, we have some great news for you. You’ll never have to do it again.

Spring Landscape Lighting Timers

Have the lights come on – automatically – and keep them on for as long as you wish, each and every night.

What’s The Best Way To Light Up The Night Outdoors?

Well first, you need the finest low voltage system available in and around Nashville from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

By now you probably know that we created the now world-famous franchise business of low voltage outdoor lighting for homes and commercial properties.

Why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives?

Honestly, it’s simply the best.

As many of you may already know, we were originally called “Lightscapes” and were operating under that name from 1986 until 1999.

The birth of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can be traced back to us, as we were a driving force in the way outdoor lighting was brought to market.

Custom Landscape and Garden Lighting

By creating a turnkey landscape lighting business which featured the advent of the “night-time demonstration,” we brought the concept of all-inclusive outdoor lighting out of the shadows, away from being “avant-garde” and into the mainstream.

Up until this point in time, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting was reserved mainly for the well-to-do because of the expense of having to go through so many “channels” to have a system installed.

For example, there was no “one-stop” to receive a design consultation, order fixtures, schedule installation or even consider a “night-time” demonstration or system maintenance.

In order to have any type of upscale outdoor lighting, you first had to hire a designer, then you had to arrange an appointment, most likely with a specialty lighting store which carried outdoor lighting fixtures.

Upon arrival of the fixtures, which could take an excessively long time, you then had to hire an electrician to install the lights, many of whom had no experience in outdoor lighting at all. Not a good idea.

Long story short, we set out to change it all, and we did — and are still going strong right here and ever so proud to call Nashville home!

Nashville Outdoor Lighting Timers

When you light up the night with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, be sure to ask for our latest astronomical automatic timer.

Powered by LightLogic, our advanced automatic timer is an upgrade over the standard astronomical timer, photocell, or a timer that you have to constantly re-adjust.

Landscape Lighting Nashville

If you currently have outdoor lighting with one of the older timers, allow us to exponentially increase your Nashville outdoor living enjoyment with this highly desirable upgrade.

Essential to every home with landscape lighting or outdoor lighting, some timers can be difficult to use with their overly simplified display panels.

If this sounds familiar, you may be used to lighting timers with digital displays similar to a wristwatch or even a dial for adjusting your time.

As Daylight Savings Time just began this past weekend, you would have possibly found yourself challenged to adjust the timing. And as the days get longer as we head toward summer, you have to manually adjust the times again, and again, and again. Not so with our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Lighting Control Automation.

Nashville Outdoor Lighting For Outdoor Lighting Spaces

Our automated lighting control technology is the essence of set it and forget it, just perfect while enjoying your deck and patio.

Just as the timer intuitively knows when to turn your system on and off based on longitude and latitude, you can instantly change those times any time you wish.

Nashville Landscape Lighting Adds Dimension and Depth

Not only that, but it also allows you to control any switch in your entire home. Not just landscape lighting and porch lighting, but indoor lights and even small appliances.

You’ll be able to enjoy practical features such as dimming capabilities and vacation mode; automatically making your home appear occupied with the sequential turning on and off of lights for a natural looking routine.

The technology is linked by your exact location for automatic adjustment for the changing sunset time. It also includes an automatic change for Daylight Savings Time twice a year.

Now Nashville Deck Lighting And Nashville Patio Lighting Is Automatically Yours

Celebrate spring. Embrace summer. Lingering longer in the fresh seasonal Tennessee outdoors.

To replace or upgrade the timer on your outdoor lighting system, just click here.

David Todd Outdoor Lighting of Nashville

David Todd of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.