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Green Hills, TNis Even Lovelier with Elegant Lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville!

When the sun sets and outdoor lights come on at homes around your Green Hills, TN, neighborhood, is your home one of the ones elegantly illuminated? Or does your beautiful home drop out of sight and into darkness?

Home with outdoor lighting installedIf your home is one of those that disappear each evening, we suggest you make 2019 the year you flip that script. You’ve already invested in making your home beautiful. Why be content with showing its exquisite beauty only in the daytime?

Green Hills, TN Outdoor Lighting Designer

Your stunning architectural and façade lighting is the first thing your friends and neighbors will notice when you add professional outdoor lighting. Don’t be surprised if several of your neighbors suddenly add exterior lighting, too. With facade lighting, your home will suddenly acquire nighttime curb appeal. It’s a quality you may not have realized was lacking.

Home with outdoor lighting installed

Regardless of your home’s architectural style, façade lighting will add depth and dimension to your home at night. Textures that have gone flat at night will re-emerge. Once you see your home tastefully illuminated, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to call a professional Green Hills outdoor lighting designer.

The company you need to create your home’s transformation is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. We have been designing and installing architectural and façade lighting in the Nashville and Green Hills areas for more than 30 years. We long ago established ourselves as the company with the most knowledgeable lighting designers and installers – and the most responsive customer service team. Don’t think we’ve relaxed our standards. We continue to earn our clients’ trust and respect every day.

Landscape Lighting Elevates Your Green Hills Property

pathway lights in backyardThe next thing your neighbors will notice is your professional landscape lighting. The uninitiated may believe that any homeowner can purchase outdoor light fixtures and distribute them around the yard. Unfortunately, those well-intentioned individuals will have wasted their money. As a homeowner, you probably know that certain jobs are best left to professionals with the skills, training, and experience to do the job effectively. Landscape lighting is one such job. The eye of a trained professional makes all the difference.

A professional landscape lighting designer sees the exquisite potential in every property they visit when meeting with prospective clients. The lighting designers with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are familiar with the kinds of trees and other plantings featured in the yards of Green Hills’ finest homes. Our lighting designers know which light fixtures and lighting techniques will illuminate your landscape most effectively. We’re not going to illuminate everything in your yard. Our mission is to create a tasteful, attractive display that will please you, impress your neighbors, and stop passers-by in their tracks.

Green Hills TN Path Lighting

Path lighting is a very important type of landscape lighting. Green Hills homeowners without professional outdoor lighting are missing a key ingredient in home safety. When a pathway is dotted with a series of low, energy-efficient LED light fixtures, tripping hazards are suddenly visible – and avoidable.

Landscape Lighting for Your Favorite Backyard Areas

Green Hills landscape lighting doesn’t stop with the front yard. Many of your best times take place in the back yard, on and around your deck or patio and other outdoor living areas. We’ll take our cue from you when you show us around your favorite outdoor living areas in the back yard.

Pool lights

Through our initial outdoor lighting consultation, we learn your goals for outdoor lighting at your Green Hills home. What kind of lighting do you have in mind? What are your priorities? What do you hope to achieve with professional outdoor lighting? We want to be sure we address all of your concerns and meet your expectations.

Increase the Hours Available for Gracious Outdoor Living

backyard lightsThe backyard outdoor living areas are where clients often express the most enthusiasm about outdoor lighting. Once we have installed your custom lighting design, creating the right ambiance for a party or intimate dinner on the patio will be as easy as flipping a switch. We’ll do all the work and you will reap the benefits.

Outdoor living areas become much more functional at night when you’re surrounded with effective landscape lighting. It doesn’t have to be bright and showy to be effective. With subtle, energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting, we can greatly increase your enjoyment of your deck, patio, and pool areas. An outdoor fireplace becomes quite dramatic with outdoor lighting, even when the fireplace not in use.

Showcasing Your Water Features and Outdoor Artpool with lights

Any homeowner who loves hearing a bubbling fountain or waterfall cascading into a pond will be doubly delighted when we add subtle outdoor lighting to the scene. Sound and sight combine for a mesmerizing experience you’ll treasure. Dreamy landscape lighting around the pool area is another favorite of Green Hills homeowners.

Any Night is Festive with Strings of Party Lights

decorative lights over patioThere’s no need to wait for a big celebration to install strings of party lights over your outdoor living areas or among your trees. If you don’t have a tree or roofline in the right spot for us to install your lights, we can bring in a pole. Then, when you do host an outdoor wedding or sweet sixteen party, we can supplement those party lights with a larger design for the special occasion. Our festive string lights are top quality, approved for year-round outdoor use.

Holiday Lighting is More Fun When We Design and Install it for You!

Did you know Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville offers holiday outdoor lighting services in the Green Hills, TN, area? If you didn’t know this, it may be the best news you’ll have all year. Never again will you or a family member need to climb a ladder to install lights along a roofline or in a tree. Leave all of that work to our intrepid outdoor lighting installers. We can design and install an outdoor holiday lighting display that suits your style whether playful or reverent, whimsical or dignified.

The Finest Commercial and Hospitality Lighting in Green Hills TN

Our professional outdoor lighting services in Green Hills extend beyond those outlined on this page. Commercial outdoor lighting, hospitality lighting, and commercial holiday lighting are extremely important to business owners. The most effective commercial lighting displays increase a business’ bottom line. Restaurants, bistros and cafes rely on the drawing power of string lighting over their outdoor dining areas.

For all of your outdoor lighting needs in Green Hills, TN – residential or commercial – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is ready to work with you. Contact us today at (615) 697-4629.

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