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Light Up Your Nashville Home or Business with the Best Nashville Outdoor Lighting

If you have been considering updating your Nashville outdoor lighting design, or installing one from scratch, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the best outdoor lighting for all your needs.

When it comes to illuminating the areas outside your home or business in Nashville, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a tried and trusted name. For many years, we have provided our top-notch outdoor lighting designs, installations, and stellar service after the sale to homes and businesses throughout the area. Are you ready to light up your Nashville property?

We light up Nashville homes!

home entry way lighting

Have you noticed other homes in your neighborhood, driving past at night, which have beautiful outdoor lighting? If so, you could be seeing a custom Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville lighting design. We know the secret to beautiful lighting is not in the quantity of lighting, but the quality.

home entry way outdoor lighting

Quality light fixtures

When it comes to quality, our lighting reigns supreme. Our brass, copper, and specialty outdoor lighting fixtures are equipped with LED and built to withstand years of regular use. Unlike big box store light fixtures, which must be repaired or replaced in a couple years’ time, ours will last for many years. And don’t be fooled, “LED” is not synonymous with “cold, blue light.” We offer LED lighting that is warm and ambient, just like traditional light bulbs. What’s more, LED can last 50 times longer than those bulbs. Whether you are looking for a small, front-of-home lighting installation, or an expansive design to light your home and property on all sides, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will light up your Nashville home like no other lighting provider can.

Quality lighting design and installation

While it’s possible to install your own outdoor lighting design, the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can offer ultimate design and installation expertise. Lighting is our business – it’s our only business. Our designers will showcase your home and property in their very best light, no matter the size of your project. We’ll illuminate dark areas of your yard for safe passage, and light up your home’s architectural features, putting its best face forward at night. If you have lush landscaping, we will create a stunning landscape lighting design to bring it into beautiful view in dark hours. Want to light up your Nashville backyard outdoor living space? We’ve got that covered too! With our residential lighting service and maintenance plan, you can be assured that your lighting design will shine brightly year after year.

We light up Nashville businesses too!

outdoor string lighting for businesses

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been a choice outdoor lighting company for many Nashville area businesses throughout the years. Our holiday lighting has adorned the Nashville capitol Christmas tree for eight years running. Other high-profile clients include Cheekwood Gardens, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and The Gulch. But you don’t have to be a high-profile client to have professional lighting for your Nashville business. We can offer an outdoor lighting solution for your Nashville business, no matter the business you’re in. We often provide outdoor lighting for bed and breakfasts, restaurants, golf clubs, retail locations, and more.

Contact us today to discuss lighting up your Nashville home or business.