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Our Recent Nashville Lighting Installation In The Gulch Is Sure To Make You Look UP!

We love partnering with local businesses in Nashville to create a commercial outdoor lighting scheme that truly adds a glimmer into their evening. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville just partnered with the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites Nashville Downtown/The Gulch to illuminate their UP Rooftop Lounge and make it stand out against the Nashville skyline.

Fairfield Lighting

Up Rooftop offers indoor and outdoor seating with fabulous food and cocktails in a sophisticated setting in the popular Gulch district of downtown Nashville. The outdoor rooftop patio has spectacular views of Music City, so our outdoor lighting plan for them had to provide a chic modern vibe that would show off the Nashville skyline.

Nashville skyline seen from rooftop patio

Lighting that is flexible and ultra-programmable!

We knew that a variety of events could be happening on the UP Rooftop patio—including dining, a lively bar scene, live music, dancing and more—so we wanted to ensure management was able to customize and change the lighting ambiance easily to reflect whatever was happening outdoors. Our lighting designers created a stylish installation that could provide chasing or static lights, along with the ability to add multi-colored lighting that could be adapted to create any particular vibe the lounge needs. They recently switched their color hue to pink for a Breast Cancer Awareness event just last month. We aim to give our customers the versatility they need when it comes to commercial and hospitality lighting.

Lighting that makes you look UP!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville wanted to make sure that not only would the people at the Up Rooftop Lounge would get excited about the lighting while hanging out on the patio; but we also wanted to draw eyes upward from the sidewalks below so passersby would be intrigued by what was happening many stories up above the hotel and stop by and visit. The colored moving neon lighting at the bar adds a ton of dimension, while the overhead festival lighting illuminates the whole patio in the most beautiful way when the sky goes dark. We love working with other contractors to complete a job, and here we teamed up with a contractor who installed the iron posts that supports the overhead café lighting posts we later draped across the patio for a beautiful effect.

As you can see, the display of lights looks slick even from the ground level and you can’t help but look up. We know the Up Rooftop Lounge will not only attract hotel guests but also local Nashville residents always looking for an exciting new venue to hang out in at the Gulch. Once they saw our amazing work, management asked us to light up parts of the interior by adding under-cabinet lighting and in some of the meeting rooms, too.

Rooftop patio with string lights

All the lighting that was designed and installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville oozes with character and atmosphere in a way that makes people want to stay and enjoy the amazing views this hotspot has to offer. Let us demonstrate how we can draw attention to your business and make your building, landscape and signage a standout from all the others on the block. Outdoor lighting is a surprisingly inexpensive way to brand and market your business and draw attention from everyone who passes by.

Don’t miss an opportunity to show off your commercial, retail, restaurant or hospitality business by partnering with Nashville’s experts in designing and installing distinctive outdoor lighting schemes. Contact us today at (615) 697-4629.

— David G. Todd, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.