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Deck Lighting Adds Safety and Enjoyment Every Evening

May is Deck Safety Awareness month thanks to the efforts of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA). With deck season in full swing, now is the ideal time to rev up the conditions of your deck to improve safety standards.

side view of deck lighting

If you’ve ignored the outdoor lighting on and around your deck, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can assess, examine and improve the illumination your deck is lacking. Put your family’s safety at the forefront with enhanced deck, railing and step lighting that makes your deck far more usable in the evening hours.

Make Staying Home Fun with Deck Lighting that adds Safety and Visibility

Together we can turn an unsafe deck or patio into one that your family will enjoy for years to come while reducing the chance for possible slips or falls due to poor visibility. Our outdoor living spaces are an extension of our homes in Music City, and outdoor lighting helps your family, guests and pets effortlessly walk to your deck from your home and garden with ease.

Safe Deck Outdoor Lighting has a Multitude of Solutions that fits any Budget

Deck post lighting defines the area your deck sits in so that is clearly outlined in your landscape and it can be seen no matter where you are on your property. Lighting fixtures on your deck posts adds a sense of size and definition, while also lighting the planting beds or lawn immediately around your deck, too.

deck lighting surrounded by trees

Festival café lighting gives you huge value for your money. The entire surface of your deck is lit with a string light fixture from overhead that is dual purposed. It gives a fun party feeling to any large area, and it also provides heaps of visibility. You can grill, dine, hang out and easily walk around your patio and deck area because festival lighting makes it super easy to see. Additional targeted outdoor task lightingcan also be incorporated so that specific tasks can be accomplished easily. Your outdoor cooking station, BBQ or a game table can get added visibility to get work done!

string lighting over a deck

Stair and rail lighting are critical to the safety of a deck and are often ignored. It’s a simple solution to light each stair tread so that your foot is placed in the correct spot when going up and down your deck. We can easily embed a small light into each riser that does not mar the look of your deck whatsoever. Rail lighting makes sure that your guests know exactly where to reach and put their hands as they navigate your steps, too.

side view of deck lighting

Deck surround lighting ensures that your deck, patio or pool is clearly seen in the landscape even at night. We can add pathway lighting to help people get to your deck, and we can illuminate the flower beds, water features, and trees flanking your deck so that it’s a standout in your yard. Don’t let your deck sink into a dark hole in the evening; let’s showcase it as an entertaining and relaxation zone.

Safety, Security and Good Looks Increase Outdoor Usability with LED Deck Lighting

backyard with pool and fire pit lighting

We use commercial grade LED fixtures that are made in the USA from all metal materials. You get the expertise that our designers and installers offer as a local business with high standards in customer service. We are solely focused on outdoor lighting with beauty, safety and security in mind to improve your outdoor lifestyle. Our emphasis is ONLY on outdoor lighting design, installation, maintenance and repair since 1986.

Let’s get your deck safe for the season with ramped up outdoor lighting to increase your safety. For a free evaluation, contact us today.