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Outdoor Lighting Enhances Dimension, Depth and Texture of Your Home and Landscape

Outdoor lighting brings many benefits to your property, such as security, safety and gorgeous beauty. Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting can also augment the dimension, depth and texture of your landscape and home as well. It’s not enough just to illuminate random objects in your yard, you want an elegant wash of light that grazes the most important features and pulls them all together in a cohesive story.

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Professional Outdoor Lighting Requires Training with Light Techniques That No DIY’er Can Match

The outdoor lighting architects and designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville are specially trained to use and bend light in intricate ways that no homeowner can do. Even the best DIY’er can’t layer lighting like a trained professional, and it makes all the difference. We know which outdoor lighting fixtures to use in a particular situation to give you the best possible outcome. Lighting designers are artists in their trade and they know exactly how to bring your home and garden out of the darkness and shadows with stunning effect.

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Professionally installed lighting makes your home and property look larger, which adds perceived value when it comes to real estate. We can place outdoor lighting strategically to enhance the depth of your yard, so you can see way into the reaches and corners. Instead of looking at blackness from your windows, we create depth of space to give you gorgeous mood and plenty of interest to look at even when you are indoors. We can illuminate features in your garden such as a gazebo, water fountain or waterfall that provides a focal point with interesting silhouettes.

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Casting a soft glow of light on a stone wall, the brick on your home or onto the evens of your roofline shows off tons of shape and texture that the eye craves. We can also cast shadows down from high up in the trees with down lighting that gives a delightful moonlit effect on your lawn. Don’t miss the opportunity to play up the very best features your home has to offer.

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Uplights low in the ground can give showy plants such as bamboo or a live oak an otherworldly look that will certainly draw attention in the landscape. We can also add elegant cross lighting to a stunning sculpture in your garden with soft light pinpointing at your prized art from two different directions for a heap of added dimension.

Make Your Home Look Perfectly Curated in the Darkness

Sticking a fixture from a big box store in the ground is not an alternative for the magic that professionally installed landscape lighting does. You can’t beat the quality of LED landscape lighting fixtures like the ones we use at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. We ONLY use high quality, all metal LED fixtures made right here in Nashville! They are guaranteed not to peel, crack or fade for many years to come. Why waste money on fixtures made with cheap materials that simply won’t last? Our timers, wiring and transformers bring you the latest in technology and will stand the test of time.

Let one our outdoor lighting designers solve the problems you face such as dark zones, tripping hazards, lack of useful task lighting and how to illuminate large areas in a cost-effective way. We can save you money by retrofitting older halogen bulbs to newer LED technology; and we can take a home that looks flat in your property and have it leap out of the dark with proportion and aspect that dazzles.

outdoor lighting nashville

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is Music City’s most trusted outdoor lighting company for over 30 years. Experience professional installation with after sale service and maintenance that is top notch. For a free evaluation, contact us today.