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Inheritable Lighting Moves Generations of Homeowners with Custom Outdoor Lighting that Lasts

For over 30 years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has delighted residential, commercial and hospitality clients with our fabulous LED outdoor lighting installations throughout Music City. From the Christmas Tree at the Capitol, to Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, to the homes in Sylvan Park—we’ve tackled outdoor lighting installs that have been both challenging and humble.

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Our Nashville Customers Stick with Us When It Comes to Outdoor Lighting

We hear from customers all the time who tell us they’ve contacted other so-called lighting contractors with an outdoor lighting idea, and they are told that their concept can’t be executed or is too hard to do. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we don’t shy away from pulling off the impossible and finding solutions to make your outdoor lighting dreams come true.

outdoor lighting nashville

This is part of the reason why we believe strongly in #InheritableLighting (our Instagram hashtag). We have customers that have been with us for decades because they understand that we can do what no other lighting contractor in Nashville can. We bring 30+ years of expertise in custom designed and installed outdoor lighting exactly how you need to it be—no matter how complex or tricky. Everything we do is done safely to code, done correctly the first time, and is backed 100% to your satisfaction. We don’t cut corners, use inferior materials and fixtures, or risk your home with a mediocre installation.

Inheritable Lighting Proves We are the Custom Outdoor Lighting Contractor of Choice in Nashville

Inheritable Lighting means customers keep coming back to us time and again because we get it done RIGHT. They refer their friends and family to us, and they will ask us to even illuminate their businesses and retail shops. Our long term customers trust us to make their homes look stunning in the evening light, and they know we will do everything possible to make the impossible happen. If there is a tree in the way, a hardscape wall or patio that is an obstruction, if there is no power source in a particular area you want to reach—we will find a clever solution or adaptable alternative to make what you want happen. Our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville team are trained experts that can craft solutions to make your LED outdoor landscape lighting ideas come alive.

Our long-term customers are our inspiration for the term Inheritable Lighting. Whether they are in their same home or have purchased many new homes over the years, they keep coming back to us for a new installation, or to extend and expand their current outdoor lighting system over the years.

outdoor lighting nashville

Take one of our favorite clients at Thompson’s Station, we have been working with them for years and we continue to service and maintain the outdoor lighting at their home. Over time, we have extended and upgraded their outdoor lighting system to accommodate their lifestyle and the changes they have made to their property and home. You don’t need to scrap and existing outdoor lighting system just because you’ve added on to your home or changed your landscaping; we can come in and work with what you have and enhance what’s already there to accommodate the growth of your home or backyard.

Outdoor Lighting that is Always Customized for How You Live and Never Cookie-Cutter

If you are ripping out an old deck or patio, we can work with your architect to take care of your outdoor lighting scheme right at the building stage; or we can retrofit outdoor lighting around existing hardscape already installed years earlier. Either way, we will find a solution that works for you within your budget. No outdoor lighting solution is one-size-fits-all, and every one of our customers has different needs and desires. This is why we sit with our customer to understand their outdoor living lifestyle, and what challenges they face when evening comes. Do they want to illuminate their driveway so it’s easy to walk the dog at night? Are they an avid chef who loves to entertain and cook al fresco that would benefit from targeted kitchen task lighting? Is there a favorite hobby that would require illuminating the garage area or a barn so the horses can easily be checked at night? However you need your outdoor lighting to serve your needs—the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can give you customized lighting that suits YOUR needs.

outdoor lighting nashville

Start off right with the best outdoor lighting contractor in the Nashville area, and get on the #InheritableLighting bandwagon. Let ONE outdoor lighting provider give you everything you need: a creative installation, excellent customer service, superior technical assistance and ongoing maintenance support that will make your backyard lighting problem-free. We promise that we will be there when you need us. It doesn’t matter if you are in the same home and want to change or augment your existing outdoor lighting; or if you move every few years. We pledge that we will stick with you as your outdoor living areas change and we will help you adapt them to your current lifestyle.

outdoor lighting nashville

With over 30 years of experience in outdoor landscape lighting in Nashville, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is proud to be named one of Music City’s most trusted outdoor lighting companies. Let us show you how custom, professionally installed outdoor lighting can benefit your home or business. For a free evaluation, contact us today.