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30+ Years of Trusted Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation in Nashville Ranks High in Customer Service

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been the premier outdoor lighting company in Nashville for over 30 years. We work on illumination projects of all sizes and scope on both the residential and commercial end. We pride ourselves on doing excellent quality work by highly trained lighting designers and installers that truly care about the results of every home, property and business we touch.

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There is Always Someone that Charges Less, but Cut Rate Service Comes at a Price

We may not be the least expensive outdoor lighting provider in the area, but we guarantee you a trouble-free experience that we can back up. As the oldest and most trusted outdoor lighting installer in Music City, we are so confident in our work that we will service systems installed by our competitors too. That’s right, even if we didn’t install the outdoor lighting system at your home or business, we will help you solve any problems you may have. And believe us, we get calls to repair, maintain and even replace systems installed by other providers all the time.

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There is always someone who can do the job for less…

We are happy to work within a budget of any kind—big or small. We can come up with clever ideas to do work in phases as your finances and time allows. Sometimes adding just a few additional lighting fixtures can have huge impact that dramatically changes the effect of your home. If you need specific task lighting over your outdoor grill, augmenting the illumination of the outdoor dining patio at your cafe, or want to add deck lighting so that you can increase outdoor square footage—we’ve got you covered. Little tweaks, needed upgrades or a brand new install are all within the realm of our expertise.

Service and Maintenance After the Sale is Where Others Fall Short and We Excel

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville doesn’t just install your outdoor lighting system and run. Our reputation is built on service after the sale. Every one of our new installations is covered by a complimentary 1-year Maintenance Plan, and you have the opportunity to extend this service annually. If you want a worry-free outdoor lighting system that you don’t have to lift a finger to maintain, be sure to contact us first.

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We are not a gardening service that only works during the summer months and dabbles in other things such as mowing grass or pool installations. The ONLY thing we do is install and maintain outdoor lighting systems ALL year round—and we back everything we do! We stick with our commercial and residential customers for the long haul and we are always there when you need us.

Expert One-Stop-Shop for Outdoor Lighting Prevents Headaches and Run Around

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We promise to make your illumination experience an easy one at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. We are a one-stop shop for outdoor landscape lighting, and we have everything you need to beautifully light your home or business. We will eliminate all the headaches you may have previously experienced, as you only have to talk to ONE single contractor that does it all when it comes to outdoor lighting. There is no need to run to someone to design the lighting plan, somewhere else to buy your fixtures and then an electrician to do the install. We DO IT ALL under one roof.

We Don’t Treat Outdoor lighting like a Cookie Cutter Display of One-Size-Fits-All

Every outdoor lighting situation is different and has unique needs. For starters, we don’t use low-grade outdoor lighting fixtures to cut corners. We stand by our American made, all-metal fixtures that are made to tolerate sunlight, cold and moisture and last for years. Some providers may skimp and make you think you are getting a better price by selling you flimsy fixtures that are not designed for longevity. Everything we sell and install is guaranteed to last and look great over time with no fading, cracking or peeling.

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Second, we give you a professionally designed outdoor lighting plan that is specific to your home or business. We don’t just stick a fixture in the ground and call it a day. Our designers are trained in the nuances of outdoor lighting and its effects, and we know how to control beams of light so that they provide a unique flair for YOUR specific situation.

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Your Satisfaction is Our Priority!

Finally, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is just a phone call away for maintenance and service whenever you need us. We take pride in customer satisfaction, and we are happy to provide you with references from past and current projects. We will happily move fixtures around, clip back overgrown foliage, alter the way the light hits your home for a whole new look, retrofit older lighting to upgraded LED bulbs, adapt your timer for autumn and spring daylight changes and more. Whatever you need, we are here to serve you!

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Nothing is more frustrating than coming home to a dark home, driveway and entryway. It’s not safe, secure or even attractive. A home with outdoor lighting that does not go off every night at exactly the time you need it to, helps no one. Great outdoor lighting enhances the value of your home, creates a secure haven that keeps crime away, and it provides safe visibility and footing. Outdoor lighting is the single most important facet in your outdoor home and landscaping, and its #1 on the list of most expected outdoor wants for home buyers.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is Music City’s most trusted outdoor lighting company for over 30 years. Experience professional installation with after sale service and maintenance that is top notch. For a free evaluation, contact us today.