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I Think That I Shall Never See A Poem As Lovely As A Tree, Especially Illuminated In All Its Splendor At Night

Can you just imagine how poet Joyce Kilmer may have modified her glowing tribute to nature if she saw that tree adorned with washes of light by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville?

Ethereal Nashville tree lighting

Surely her stanzas would include words like “magical,” “stunning,” and “glorious.”

Nashville tree lighting has now become one of the hallmarks of Nashville’s outdoor lighting leader. As the founder of artistic and energy efficient outdoor illumination, Bob Lyons and his team of certified lighting designers and installers know how to make a tree something wonderous as twilight sets in.

Ethereal Nashville tree lighting

And with the abundance of Nashville native trees here in the South, illumination artistry has hundreds of natural canvases to choose from.

Majestic oaks that branch out over landscapes and gardens are just made for evening outdoor tree lighting. The same is true for the wispy branches of dogwood trees and crepe myrtles. Using Nashville up lighting and moonlighting effects, the reactions of passersby are nothing short of awe inspiring.

Ethereal Nashville tree lighting

As Arbor Day approaches, it is fitting to highlight the rainbow of changes from season to season with outstretched limbs draped in hues of pink, whites, and red before evolving back to the greens of spring.

Outdoor lighting and outdoor living have now become synonymous thanks to the Nashville landscape lighting experts. As you start thinking about adding outdoor lighting to your landscape, you may find it useful to discover a wide range of outdoor lighting designs and effects right here. Within these pages you’ll discover executions of outdoor evening illumination you may have never thought possible.

Ethereal Nashville tree lighting

And as today’s real estate market is gaining momentum among sellers and buyers alike, adding outdoor lighting or enhancing the outdoor lighting system you currently have is a very wise investment. First impressions are key and curb appeal is among the first memorable moments of any new house listing visit.

What better way to celebrate Arbor Day than to plant a tree in your landscape or honor an existing conifer with our professional tree lighting designs. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville today to get started.