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The Story of a Pretty Special Bus

bubba the short bus We all have certain qualities that define who we are. Hobbies and interests and loves of things from mainstream to the unusual, both connect and set us completely apart. For Bob, Jr., owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, his vehicle for enthusiasm for his business and personal life converged on – well, an actual vehicle!

Many years ago, Bob, Jr. decided that he would purchase a sensible marketing tool in the form of a large-capacity vehicle, which he might not have imagined, would shape his life and the lives of those around him. He took his special bus, wrapped it with professional flair, and invited his friends and family along for the ride!

Over the years, Bob, Jr. would deliver his children and neighbors’ children to school in the small bus. Larger than a taxi or a limousine, tinier than a Greyhound, this roving shout-out to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville hauled many a happy face, in mini-grand fashion, to and from Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators games. This special short bus has been the scene of sleepy morning eyes, light-hearted friendship and family, and has supported riders home after a difficult loss to an opposing team. Bob, Jr. is now happy to announce that he has passed the official minibus torch onto another small bus enthusiast – and the bus will have a whole new life, go on bigger adventures, and take on a purpose he could have never foreseen!

It’s official – the bus has embarked on a new journey with owner, Heather Jacks!

What would anyone want with our truncated hauler?

heather jacks and marc severance with bus Well, meet Heather Jacks! Miss Jacks is a Gen X’er, who is making waves on her blog and social media platforms for being – SO UNUSUAL AND EXTRAORDINARY! She’s already picked up the short bus in Nashville, for her long trek back to her current city of residence, San Francisco. What does Heather have planned for our little city shuttle? She’s converting our modest mode of transportation right into a humble home!

As Heather explains in her blog, she has never been one to dream of home ownership, where roots would seem to too-firmly plant her. She wants to love where she is – and if she doesn’t, she wants to leave where she is! This tiny tank will become Heather’s tiny abode. Oh, and we should mention that heather has given her new home a name. Meet BUBBA, the short bus!

We could not have wished for a better home for our short bus – and Heather couldn’t have asked for a better home than our short bus!

Selling the OLP Nashville bus is the end of an era for us, but we are so excited to watch the transformation – both of the bus, and of the life of the new owner – as Heather continues to post short bus updates online. Follow her Instagram (@writerjacks) and her blog for news about the transformation. owner bob headshot Miss Jacks, oh the places you will go, and thank you for taking us along for the ride!