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Nashville Outdoor Lighting Caters To All Residential Dwellings -- Including Apartment Buildings!

Outdoor lighting for apartment buildings is something that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville have been doing a lot of lately. This genre of outdoor lighting encompasses facets of both residential outdoor lighting as well as hospitality outdoor lighting. There is an undeniable explosion of apartment complexes being built in the local Middle Tennessee area in recent years. Apartment building owners and management have been coming to us to help them make their complex stand out from the others to lure lessees. Outdoor lighting is hands down the most effective way to make a building stand out in a crowd.

Savvy apartment building managers and owners know that adding outdoor lighting to their facility has innumerable residual benefits. For starters, it simply makes the complex and grounds look dashing in the evening. Architectural facets, trees, entryways, rooftop and signage can all be highlighted with dazzling effect thanks to Nashville outdoor lighting. Beauty isn’t the only benefit to be garnered from outdoor lighting at your apartment building, however.

nashville signage lighting for apartments

Benefits of Apartment Complex Lighting Include:

Security: Make renters feel more secure coming home at night to a well-lit building. Security is increased when a solid outdoor lighting plan is in place which reduces crime and theft. Renters want to be able to safely walk to their cars in the parking lot, hang out in common areas in the evening and walk their dogs in a stress-free way. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville will help you cast light in dark shadowy areas so your renters have peace of mind when coming home.

nashville apartment entry lighting at hayes house

Safety: No apartment building manager or HOA wants to face the problem of renters slipping and possibly falling at the property due to poor visibility. Reduce the possibility of slips and falls by letting your lessees see clearly wherever they walk around the property. Make getting around pathways, mailboxes, trash areas and entryways easy to navigate. Light the playground areas, pool zones, courtyard and your apartment’s communal areas so that people can walk around safely.

nashville apartment path lighting

Cost Effective: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville utilizes consumption-friendly LED fixtures that are better for the environment due to their low wattage. Don’t let old-school lighting hurt your bottom line due to high energy costs. LED also produces less heat so there is little risk of fire, too. We can work within your budget to light your apartment building and give you lots of bang for your buck.

multi family residential outdoor lighting

Maintenance Partner: When you hire us to design and install your apartment building lighting, we will also maintain it. You won’t have to worry about knocked over fixtures, surfaced wire, burned bulbs, foliage covering lenses, etc. If there is an issue, simply contact us and we will take care of whatever you need. We will be your outdoor lighting maintenance partner and take care of everything with a simple phone call. Best of all, we maintain outdoor lighting systems we have installed or even ones our competitors have put in.

Don’t miss an opportunity to attract renters to your apartment building by partnering with Nashville’s experts in designing and installing distinctive outdoor lighting designs. Contact us today at (615) 697-4629.nashville owner david todd