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Deck Lighting Adds Beauty to Your Nashville Home While Increasing Your Family’s Safety

Deck Safety Awareness Month (May) is the perfect time to call a professional outdoor lighting designer to assess your outdoor living areas for safety lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is ready to assist you. Not only do we create outdoor lighting designs for safer back yards, we make those back yards nighttime-beautiful in the process.

What’s nighttime-beautiful? No matter how lovely your yard, after dark its features fade into shadow. Some elements disappear in darkness altogether, while others appear flat and uninteresting. Landscape lighting brings them back to life with drama and nuance you don’t see in the light of day. That’s nighttime-beautiful. Combining that beauty with enhanced safety for your family and guests is like getting two outdoor lighting designs in one!

Deck Lighting Designed with Safety in Mind

community and clubhouse lighting with stairs

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we use several outdoor light fixtures designed specifically for deck lighting. Some of them are tiny, designed for placement on stair risers, deck posts, and the exterior wall of your home just above the deck surface. While these fixtures are discrete, they provide the perfect amount of illumination to increase visibility on the stairs, around the railing, and across the deck floor.

stair lighting

Homeowners especially like our stair lighting. We can mount small LED lights on the surface of each stair riser so you never have to wonder where your foot will find the next step. If the tread of your deck stairs has any overhang extending beyond the risers, we can tuck tiny lights up under the overhang. The effect is magical. The tiny light fixtures are hidden from view but cast a gentle glow along each stair tread.

Task Lighting for Safer Slicing, Dicing, and Grilling

Whether you say grilling or grillin’, if you’re using knives at your outdoor kitchen, you need task lighting, a focused beam on your work area. Outdoor kitchens are fabulous on a deck or patio and bring a new dimension of enjoyment to outdoor living. They also bring a new dimension of accidents-waiting-to-happen if you don’t have enough visibility for the chef to see and work by. Whether you’re slicing lemons, dicing onions, or fileting fish, do yourself a favor. Have a Nashville lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives install task lighting in your outdoor cooking area.

Landscape Lighting Creates a Setting for Your Deck

deck lightingAnother form of deck lighting makes its home among any landscaping you have around your deck. Shrubbery surrounding the deck works well for this purpose. Subtle illumination throughout the shrubbery appears to cradle your deck, lifting it from the ground like a jewel encased in light. We provide just enough light to create mystery while improving visibility for increased safety around the deck.

Our outdoor lighting installers will also make use of nearby trees, especially if you have a tree with branches overhanging the deck area. That tree will be a candidate for moonlighting, a beautiful effect we create by placing light high up in a tree’s branches. The light filters down through the branches and leaves to create the impression of moonlight’s glow upon the deck. You’ll be so enamored with the moonlighting effect you’ll forget the light increases your safety.

Landscape Lighting Gets You to the Deck and Back Safely

Another aspect of deck safety is path lighting. If you have the option to enter your deck from the yard, we’re assuming guests may need to cross your yard to get there. A dark path on your property is never a good idea. With a series of low lights we call path lighting, we can illuminate the pathway to your deck for safe passage. Path lighting is also essential if you have a pool or outdoor fireplace across the yard from your deck. Anywhere people are crossing the yard from one outdoor living area to another, or returning to the house, path lighting adds visibility for increased safety.

Permanent Festive String Lighting Elevates Your Deck’s Fun Factor – and Safety

nashville festive lighting for bed and breakfast

By now you are seeing that your lighting designers with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can use several forms of lighting to enhance deck safety. Safety lighting doesn’t need to be harsh or bright. It can be elegant, mysterious, or festive. If you like the festive vibe and want to feel like every day is a celebration, we can install festive string lighting over your deck. You’ll have the ability to turn it on when you feel like a party and off when the more subdued every-day deck lighting sets the ambiance you want.

What’s Good for the Deck is Good for the Patio … Pool Deck … Spa Deck … Etc.!

outdoor entertainment lighting with fire pit Professional deck lighting for safety and ambiance transfers seamlessly to other outdoor settings including your patio, pool deck, and spa deck. For any outdoor living area to be usable at night, you must address the issue of illumination for nighttime safety. Stairs, and even a slight elevation change of one small step, must be illuminated after dark for safety. Pathways to and from all outdoor living areas need at least a small amount of lighting for safety at night.

While anyone can stick a light fixture into the ground at the base of a deck stairway, it takes a professional lighting designer to do it effectively. Your outdoor lighting professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville know how to create safety and ambiance simultaneously to marvelous effect.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we take your safety seriously. We are ready to meet your needs for safe, nighttime-beautiful outdoor living spaces at your home. Contact us today at (615) 697-4629nashville owner david todd