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Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Any Nashville Outdoor Lighting Company

Are you planning to hire a Nashville company this year for professional outdoor lighting design and installation services? Whether your outdoor lighting needs are residential or commercial, we recommend you ask these 5 questions of any lighting company you’re considering before making your selection.

How long has your lighting company been in business, and who are your clients?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville was first on the scene here in 1986, operating under our original name, Lightscapes. We pioneered the concept of a full-service professional outdoor lighting company handling all of our clients’ needs from design and installation to maintenance and repairs. Over 30 years ago, we introduced affordable and worry-free professional outdoor lighting to businesses and homeowners alike. We have had the pleasure of serving the hospitality industry throughout the Nashville area – from lofts, hotels, resorts, and restaurants to bed & breakfasts and more. We won a Greater Nashville House & Home & Garden™ magazine Reader’s Choice award for landscape lighting in 2018. We were also awarded first place for this award consecutively 2011 – 2017.

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Read more about our history

Our excellent track record of innovation and service in and around Nashville stretches back over three decades. We would be pleased to provide references so prospective clients can talk with current clients about our products and services.

Are you a full-service outdoor lighting company, and what exactly does that mean?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is a turnkey, full-service, professional outdoor lighting company. That means we offer professional exterior lighting design and installation in commercial and residential settings along with outdoor lighting maintenance. Whether you need architectural and façade lighting, landscape lighting, lighting for outdoor living spaces, or holiday lighting, we can serve all of your outdoor lighting needs. We also offer wedding and special event lighting.

With our annual maintenance plan, you will never need to call a third party for repairs, nor will you need to work on your own lighting. We also service outdoor lighting systems that were installed by other companies. We can evaluate your system for upgrades or retrofits from previous lighting technologies to state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED technology.

Is outdoor lighting your only business?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, outdoor lighting is all we do. Seriously! We are passionate about outdoor lighting from custom design and installation to responsive customer service, full-time, all year long.

The reason it’s important that you ask this question is that Nashville is home to many companies that perform outdoor lighting installation as a side job. Let us caution you that you do not want to hire a “part-time” lighting company. Numerous companies from landscapers to electricians will say they offer outdoor lighting services, but lighting is not their area of expertise. Stick with a company that is on the leading edge of today’s outdoor lighting industry, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

Does your company offer top-quality light fixtures and excellent warranties?water feature with light fixture

We use only the best quality lighting fixtures, and our warranties are the best in this industry. The founders of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville started a company in the 1980s to make the top-quality lighting fixtures we use, and we still use them exclusively. The quality of these fixtures is such that they will not crack, peel or break like the plastic and aluminum fixtures used by so many others. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives backs our copper and brass lighting fixtures, LED bulbs, and lighting transformers with extensive warranties. We are able to do this because the products we use stand the test of time. Our lighting fixtures actually become more beautiful as they age outdoors, developing an attractive patina over time.

Do you provide a nighttime lighting demonstration, and if so, is it free?

Yes, and yes. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville created the first nighttime lighting demonstrations more than 30 years ago, and we still offer them today – at no charge. Whether your outdoor lighting needs are residential or commercial, you can request a free nighttime demonstration if you want to “try before you buy.” For this free demonstration, we set up a temporary display to show you how your outdoor lighting will look at your property when it is fully installed. The nighttime demonstration is based on the custom lighting design we create specifically for your property.

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These are five excellent questions, don’t you agree? Straight to the point and designed to weed out the imposters and the wannabe’s to reveal the Nashville area’s best lighting company – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. We hope with our answers we have convinced you to give us a call as soon as possible so we can get started on your custom outdoor lighting design.

If you are in need of residential or commercial outdoor lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is ready to meet your needs. Contact us today at (615) 697-4629.

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