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Overhead Café Lighting Gives Your Outdoor Landscape the Feeling of Fireflies in the Evening Light

One of the early signs that summer has arrived is the first flickers of fireflies lighting up the evening sky. This year, The Great Smokey Mountains National Park did an online presentation of their annual synchronous firefly event for everyone to get a chance to see. Held in Tennessee each year, the event was cancelled to the public this year due to COVID-19, but can still be enjoyed virtually.

forest with trees and yellow flowers

There is another spectacular way to bring that firefly experience closer to home every evening with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville’s overhead LED café lighting. Festival string lighting gives every evening a special feel thanks to the magical lighting that hangs above stretches of your outdoor living areas.

patio string lighting

Suspend overhead festival lighting over a deck or patio with spectacular results that provides elegant lighting across a large area for a reasonable cost that is budget friendly. Big swaths of your surrounding landscape can be illuminated with lighting above your head thanks to string lights that bring useful vibrancy to even the darkest night.

It’s easy to celebrate under outdoor café style string lighting

outdoor seating area string lighting

Our outdoor café lights are fantastic because not only do they add lots of twinkle to your landscape, but they serve a practical purpose too. You can grill, dine and hang out under string lighting with ease since it adds a lot of visibility without being harsh. Outdoor festival lighting brings a party feeling with its fun vibe that centers a patio or deck in your garden. They look terrific on a porch, over a fire pit area, under a gazebo or your pool deck. Café lighting can add magic pretty much anywhere!

Not all festival string lighting is made the same

string lighting between buildings

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives café festival lighting fixtures are commercial grade and have a superior suspension system. We do not sell low-grade fixtures that will sag over time like those inferior ones at the big box stores that have bulbs that fill up with water and fog in the sunlight. Water and electricity do not mix--do not risk an accident with inferior quality bulbs that will fail or worse! Our café lighting fixtures are state of the art and made in the USA. They will give you years and years of use and keep usage costs low thanks to their use of LED technology.

patio string lighting

If you love the vibe you experience at many of the outdoor café’s we have here in Music City, we can bring that feeling right to your home with our overhead outdoor festival lighting. You can sit outdoors in the late evening with your family and enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Your outdoor areas are amped up in a stylish and relaxed way thanks to the sophistication of café lighting.

backyard patio lighting

Overhead festival lighting even looks beautiful from inside your home. Even on a dreary, rainy night—you can see the splendor that café lighting creates in your outdoor areas even though you are indoors. It gives you that firefly ambiance regardless of the time of year. At home or at your hospitality business, café lighting brings a special feeling to every night.

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville give your business or home extra punch with overhead outdoor café lighting for a firefly experience. For a free evaluation, contact us today.