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Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Creates a Vacation Vibe that Rivals Any Resort

We are all spending more time at home this season, so why not take the time now to augment your outdoor lighting to get ready for summer cookouts, Father’s Day football on the lawn, and backyard 4th of July festivities? Schedule an appointment with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to get your landscape and outdoor living areas summer ready!

Updating your Outdoor Lighting is Way Cheaper than a Vacation and has Longer Term Benefits

friends sitting around the table outside

Since most of us will be spending more time at home this summer, it’s the ideal moment to invest in your outdoor lighting to create the energy and feel of a pricy resort right in your own backyard for a fraction of the cost thanks to incredible lighting that showcases your home’s architecture and your property’s features.

architectural lighting and stairway lighting

Grilling, dining and playing games on your deck or patio with family is the perfect way to spend your summer stay-cation style. Let your backyard feel like an oasis retreat thanks to outdoor lighting that allows you to hang out late into the evening. Don’t let darkness stop the alfresco fun, let outdoor landscape lighting play a big part of creating a safe, elegant and fun open-air experience that can rival any trip or hotel stay.

outdoor seating lighting around fire pit

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can update your outdated landscape lighting and give it a fresh new appeal. Let’s make everything LED, so you can benefit from low wattage consumption that saves you money on your monthly power bill. We can incorporate deck lighting to illuminate your patio or deck overhead with permanent festival café lighting that casts light across your entire deck area. This facilitates you to cook, eat and hangout with lots of attractive visibility and a party feel on any night.

outdoor deck and stairs lighting

Path lighting helps you get to all the areas of your property safely. Your footing is increased thanks to added brightness as you walk from your home to various areas of your backyard to prevent slips and falls. Step lighting and handrail lighting helps you walk up to your front entryway and down your deck stairs so you know exactly where to step or place your hands thanks to clarity even on the darkest night.

pool lighting and surrounding landscape lighting

Pool lighting allows you to revel in water filled fun all night long with the kids, and ensures that it’s easy to see. If you relish sitting by your pond or listening to your water fountain trickle on a quiet evening, we can illuminate your water features to make them a gorgeous stand out to create an amazing relaxation spot with a glass of sweet tea.

friends enjoying outdoor party with wine

You don’t have to miss out on the vacation feeling with family just because we have to stay at home. Let’s get your backyard ready for a sustainable and delightful stay-cation on any night of the week. A vacation may only be for a week, but you get the benefit of a holiday feel all year long with new or updated outdoor lighting. Don’t miss out on the chance to get ready for the season right now.

Let’s get your backyard ready for a stay-cation season of fun with family with improved outdoor lighting. For a free evaluation, contact us today.