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How Outdoor Lighting Can Extend And Expand Your View And Livable Square Footage

It’s funny how nature works. Months ago, we were enjoying long sunny days and lovely evenings outdoors, and now we’re stuck in the early darkness that winter brings.

outdoor lighting in liveable space

With Daylight Saving Time starting at what seems like an eternal two months from now, escape the darkness that surrounds you at the conclusion of each day and step into the light with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

The Glory And Benefits Of Adding Outdoor Lighting Are Well Appreciated Here In Nashville

The addition of outdoor lighting can dramatically expand and extend not only your family’s livable square footage, but also the view from within your home, especially during the dark, drab days of winter.

winter landscape lighting

Without professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting, especially during these winter months, when you look out from your home's interior windows you peer into a dark void. That’s sad and depressing.

Similarly, without outdoor lighting during the outdoor living season, when you look out from those same windows you will still be challenged to clearly see your backyard or outdoor living areas. And with that loss of clear illumination comes a great loss of fresh air leisure time, usability of your backyard and outdoor spaces, and with it, functionality.

winter landscape with bistro lighting

As soon as dusk sets in, dark skies will surround you. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Home Feel Larger, Safer And More Secure

We invented the art of residential outdoor lighting and landscape lighting here in Nashville decades ago. At the time, little did we know the tremendous value it would add to the lives of our clients and their families.

outdoor lighting curb appeal

By practicing this unique artform in automatically illuminating home exteriors, backyards, and outdoor living spaces, it can be strategically designed and installed to expand your home’s visual footprint – just by looking through your home’s windows. How cool is that?!

The feeling of more space is just one of the many benefits of outdoor lighting – both from inside your home and outside while you enjoy our Nashville nights.

LED Outdoor Lighting Designs

In addition to feeling the essence of more space through clearer vision after dusk sets in, the myriad benefits of outdoor lighting sing loud and clear all year long.

Linger Longer In The Fresh Outdoor Air Until It’s Time To Call It A Day – Or Night

With the children put to bed for the evening, the idea of stepping outside on your rear deck, patio, or porch to catch up on the days’ news and events is a luxury that won’t get lost on you with outdoor lighting.

outdoor lighting for outdoor living spaces

By broadcasting the beautifully warm glow of energy-efficient light, you’ll be surrounded with the finest illumination possible – and for just pennies a day, which makes it doubly worth it.

Now Is Prime Time To Replace Or Revamp Your Existing System For A Fresh New Look

With the more favorable weather we enjoy here in Nashville, we design our outdoor lighting systems and install them year round. Knowing that Spring will soon be around the corner, now is a terrific time to upgrade or retrofit your existing landscape lighting. And it’s a quick addition to change out older halogen outdoor lights with the new, incredibly efficient LED ones.

shine 365 outdoor lighting

While we’re at it, should your existing outdoor lighting system fixtures look like they have seen much better days, we can remedy that, too. Our selection of handcrafted copper, brass, and specialty fixtures are just what the doctor ordered to give your system a new lease – and look – on life.

Premium Outdoor Lighting For Every Conceivable Use And Need

Architectural Landscape Lighting: In Nashville, we have all sizes of homes from very tall, to very wide, to adorable bungalows – and everything in between. It’s important to take in not only the dimensions of the area being illuminated but also the specific architectural features. If tall elegant columns grace the front of your home, these can be elegantly illuminated to make a welcoming statement to all who enter. And you can trust us on that.

custom landscape and garden lighting

Path Lighting: One very important element of landscape lighting is path lighting. First, it serves a very functional need of safe travel down the path after dark. Secondly, path lighting might not have the illumination coverage of nearby landscaping. Our COLT-Certified landscape lighting designers will ensure that critical outdoor areas, where safety is extra important, will be thoughtfully addressed and solved accordingly.

Superb Beautification: At, we know that outdoor and landscape lighting is one of the most effective ways to add beauty and curb appeal value to your home. As America’s most trusted residential outdoor lighting specialists, we know that the secret of stunning outdoor illuminations is in the perfect placement of energy-efficient, handcrafted copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures. This is where our expert team owns the night. When you see how our professional lighting transforms your home, you’ll agree that our designs do more than illuminate. They captivate – nightly.

Outdoor Living Lovers Can’t Live Without Our Deck And Patio Lighting

Our professional deck lighting creates a custom look for your outdoor living space with the dramatic play of light and shadows and sets the perfect mood for your outdoor events and gatherings. Our professional deck lighting is achieved by using a combination of lighting styles to accommodate different purposes. The size of the area to illuminate, along with its function, help to determine the types and number of lights you need for your deck lighting. Spotlights can be used in task areas, such as outdoor kitchens, while accent lighting creates a soft, inviting illumination in seating areas. Recessed lighting incorporated into steps and lights placed around walkways and doorways enhance safety.

Outdoor living spaces such as decks and patios are the single most used areas of your home from the onset of spring well into the fall.

A patio is an outdoor space built using pavers, brick, stone or concrete. It’s used for relaxing, recreation or dining. Patios are also often used as pool surrounds or transition areas within the landscape.

patio string overhead lighting

With the upscale-style home designs which are abundant in the Nashville area, a patio may also serve as an interior courtyard. Many Nashville residents have patios as a singular outdoor living space or as part of an outdoor living environment which may include a deck or porch. By augmenting its scope and functionality with our outdoor lighting, it just may become your most favorite part of your home.

Enjoy The Many Nights Ahead Bathed In The Best Light Possible

To schedule service of the outdoor lighting system you already have – or to upgrade or expand use – connect with us. We offer complimentary design consultations to ensure the resulting lighting system installation is perfectly suited to your wants and needs.

By phone, we invite your call to 615-697-4629. You can also connect with us right here, right now, online.

David Todd with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

David Todd with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.