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Longer Warmer Weather Days Mean That You’ll Be Enjoying Longer Outdoor Evenings, So Will You Be Ready?

It’s that time of the year, once again. On March 12, 2023, Daylight Saving Time – or DST as it is more commonly known – graces us with its annual presence.

Front of Home Lighting

So if you have one of those twisty-turny timers attached to your outdoor lighting and landscape lighting system to illuminate your home façade, landscape, and outdoor living spaces, this invitation is for you.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting Timing System To The Latest State-Of-The-Art Technology – Lighting Control Automation

Technology upgrades. They may annoy us at times; but in the end, they make our lives easier and more efficient.

With our Lighting Control Automation upgrade, there are no apps to download and install. All you need do is call us at 615-697-4629 and say, “May I please upgrade my outdoor lighting timer to LCA?”

Family Sitting on Front Porch Steps

The voice you will hear on the other end of the phone will most assuredly say, “Absolutely! When would you like us to come out and install it for you?”

The advent of Daylight Saving Time is the perfect time to upgrade to a new outdoor lighting timer that automatically conforms and adjusts for the loss and gain of daylight, so you will never be lost in the dark – or come home to a gloomy driveway and landscape ever again.

Back of the Home and Patio Lighting

The earlier the sun sets, and the sooner the nighttime sky turns dark, the greater the need for dependable, efficient outdoor lighting. And that is just what the benefit of Lighting Control Automation is.

Our Latest Automatic Timers Are A Win/Win

As outdoor lighting is all that we do here in Nashville and in surrounding areas, we can install a brand new Lighting Control Automation (LCA) timer that will forever remove the headache of dealing with DST time changes each and every year.

We simply set our proprietary LCA timer ONE TIME with your zip code, and it automatically knows exactly when to turn your outdoor lighting on based on your location. How’s that for an intelligent solution?

Front of the Home Lighting

With our Lighting Control Automation – the on/off options and programming adjustments to your outdoor lighting are virtually endless. It’s the marriage of geography and technological science.

Here Is How Lighting Control Automation For Your Landscape Lighting Works

As the days get longer until next year arrives, our LCA timer automatically adjusts itself based on the available daylight in your geographic location. It eliminates the need to remember to adjust your manual timer, and it saves you money because you only use your landscape lighting exactly when its needed. There is no wasted energy on your electric bill, either. How is that for convenience, peace of mind, and value?

Piggy Bank with Black Glasses

Imagine never having to be concerned with making sure that you turn on your outdoor lighting system for enhanced safety and beautification after dusk. Lighting Control Automation provides the tremendously beneficial daily service of “automatically on” evening lighting. The best part of this new lighting control technology is that even when you are not at home, no one will ever know. Each and every night, your home looks lived in – regardless of whether your family is there or not – as your exterior gets bathed in the warm glow of energy-efficient outdoor light.

Speaking Of Technological Advances, If Your Still Using Halogen Lamps In Your Outdoor Lighting, We Can Improve And Upgrade That, Too

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we offer the most cutting-edge outdoor lighting technology on the market. With the solid construction of our fixtures, our superior design expertise, and our personable service, we are your best choice for outdoor lighting.

Fountain in a Garden with Lighting

LED outdoor lights have now become the gold standard in outdoor lighting. Today’s environmentally friendly LED technology offers beautiful light coupled with energy savings and longevity. If you are considering a new system, or are on the fence about retrofitting your existing halogen outdoor lighting system, consider the LED advantages:

New LED Outdoor Lights Are Brighter

Our LED lights deliver brighter lighting than traditional incandescent bulbs, even when you are illuminating large outdoor spaces. LED bulbs are 75% more energy efficient than incandescent lights, and they last up to 15 times longer.

New LED Outdoor Lights Enhance Curb Appeal And Home Security

Our LED outdoor lighting can significantly increase the value and curb appeal of your home. Using LED landscape lighting in the form of free-standing lamp posts, security lights, and wall-mounted lamps can provide inviting illumination and sophisticated style.

Tree Lighting

Today’s expanded LED options emanate a softer glow and more subdued illumination, while also emphasizing the texture and design of a grand doorway or other architectural feature of your home.

Step Up To The Future With Our Outdoor Lighting Timer And Bulb Advancements

We invite you to contact us at 615-697-4629 for a complimentary design and timing upgrade consultation. Better yet, click right here; and we will contact you to arrange that meeting.

David Todd of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

David Todd of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville