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Linger Longer Outdoors – Even All Night Long – With Custom Outdoor And Landscape Lighting

Now, with the days of winter thankfully exiting for yet another year, our thoughts are turning to our great outdoors. And, you know what’s going to happen. As soon as you step outside into your backyard and garden, and breathe in that fresh, sweet Spring air, you most likely will be tempted to stay outdoors until bedtime – unless you plan on sleeping on that porch swing or hammock.

statue and fountain lighting

Stay Outdoors As Long As You Like With Custom Outdoor Lighting And Low Voltage Illumination

With prices for many luxury items starting to increase in costs (did anyone say food!), it is a comfort to know that adding light to your outdoor living spaces and landscape will cost just pennies a day.

Using our low voltage illumination transformers, our latest LED outdoor lighting will bathe your home exterior beautifully, and most affordably.

Nashville Deck And Patio Lighting

Our professional outdoor lighting designers create solutions that beautifully illuminate and accentuate your outdoor living spaces, using subtle touches of energy-efficient LED light to accentuate features without overpowering the yard or detracting from your nighttime view.

pathway and landscape lighting

This methodology enhances the ambiance of your backyard spaces. It also extends the usable square footage of your home, opening up your deck, porch, or patio for nighttime entertaining. And with our geographically based automatic lighting controls, your entire yards lighting can switch on and off each evening at your discretion. Owning the night was never easier.

Nashville deck lighting not only allows you to use your deck late into the evening, but it also increases the safety and security of your backyard. Lighting is especially helpful when installed by stairs, risers, exits and handrails. For example, pillar lights help define perimeters and look amazing when mounted directly onto brick and wood columns.

deck lighting

Professional deck lighting creates a custom look for your outdoor living space with the dramatic play of light and shadows and sets the perfect mood for your outdoor events and gatherings.

Our professional deck lighting is achieved by using a combination of lighting styles to accommodate different purposes. The size of the area to illuminate, along with its function, help to determine the types and number of lights you need for your deck lighting. Spotlights can be used in task areas, such as outdoor kitchens, while accent lighting creates a soft, inviting illumination in seating areas. Recessed lighting incorporated into steps and lights placed around walkways and doorways enhance safety.

Nashville Landscape Lighting

For more than 30 years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been designing, installing and servicing Nashville’s finest landscape lighting. We serve the entire Nashville market and create a custom lighting design for each of our customers. A custom design starts with the clients’ goals focusing on what’s important to you. Chances are you will want to concentrate on nighttime safety, beautification, and increased functionality.

pool lighting

Here in Nashville, we have all sizes of homes from very tall, to very wide, to adorable bungalows – and everything in between. It’s important to take in not only the dimensions of the area being illuminated but also the specific architectural features. If tall elegant columns grace the front of your home, these can be elegantly illuminated to make a welcoming statement to all who enter.

Nashville Path Lighting For Safety And Easier Accessibility

Accessing outdoor living spaces throughout your backyard is an easier walk with our path lighting. Instead of second guessing where you’re headed in the dark, our stunning handcrafted brass and copper path lights serve the very functional need of guiding your safe travel down pathways and cobblestone walkways at night.

pathway lighting

Our custom designed pathway lighting – and driveway lighting – help ensure safety and security in the darker evening hours. Properly illuminating these areas, especially at any elevation change, each step and entry point, will provide you peace of mind that these areas are well lit and beautiful all at the same time.

Nashville Pool And Water Feature Lighting

One of the joys of the coming months is the wonder of water – be it in inground swimming pools, ponds, water fountain, or custom wall feature walls.

pool lighting

Honestly, there are few elements in nature that soothe the soul and the senses as much as when light dances across water. In nature, sunshine enlivens mountain streams, rock-lined creeks and waterfalls much to the delight of the passerby, always ready to capture that picture-perfect moment when light and water mingle as one. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville makes it easy for you to capture that same magic in your own backyard after dark – each and every night with our elegant water feature outdoor lighting designs.

Nashville Backyard Recreational And Leisure Spaces Illumination

Nighttime basketball hoops? Light it up.

Tennis or pickleball after dark? Light it up.

Tree houses and children’s play areas? Light them all up.

bistro lighting

We’re Ready When You Are

Whatever your wish list includes, our professional outdoor lighting designs will create the ultimate lighting experience to meet your wants and needs.

The process starts with a complimentary outdoor lighting design consultation, which you can request right here, right now, by clicking this link.

David Todd

David Todd with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.