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February Brings Thoughts of Evening Lighting and Spring Beautification

February is not only the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is also the time when many Nashville homeowners anticipate the spoils of spring. Outdoor lighting comes to the forefront with the impending changes in daylight savings and warmer evenings. Thoughts of backyard activities brings excitement as we roll out of winter; and getting your outdoor lighting ready for outdoor fun begins NOW.

white wine in a glass with sparkling red lighting behind it

Don’t put off scheduling your outdoor lighting assessment

two people working on setting up halogen lighting for a tree in front of a home

Begin your outdoor lighting upgrades and updates early by kicking into a landscape lighting revitalization. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville assess your outdoor lighting as we roll out of winter. Give your system an annual check-up to ensure everything is in working order and get it ready for spring. Don’t wait until the busy season to start worrying about the functionality of your outdoor lighting. Be proactive and get it done before the onset of warmer weather.

Keep your outdoor lighting system up to date

Ignoring an outdated outdoor lighting system is sure to lead to headaches later. Together we can address your concerns and make changes to fit your budget that will improve your lighting and make your home and property more functional at night.

a person setting up halogen lights outdoors

If you’re still sporting old fashioned halogen bulbs, now is the time to make the switch to LED outdoor lighting. In many cases, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can upgrade or retrofit your existing landscape lighting to LED. If your old fixtures have seen better days and look shabby, we offer an amazing selection of all metal commercial-grade fixtures in styles to suit your home and taste. They will give you years of service in comparison to inferior big box varieties that simply don’t last.

Replace or revamp your existing system for a fresh new look

If your new home needs a brand new outdoor lighting design or your existing system needs to be expanded to include new landscape or hardscape additions, let’s talk. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can work with your builder or designer to incorporate new outdoor lighting, or we can come in after the fact, too. We work with many local architects to extend outdoor lighting to encompass new pools, hardscape additions or a change in your home’s design.

large home with illuminating lights on the house

If your backyard lighting ideas are big or small, or whether you are simply interested in checking out the health of your outdoor lighting, wiring, timer or transformer—give us a call to check out your outdoor lighting system. Let’s see where you stand with your current system to make sure everything is in great shape for spring. Let us ensure you are happy with your home façade lighting, that your pathways are well lit and that your outdoor living spaces, such as a deck or patio, are ready for warm weather activities.

a backyard hammock next to trees that have halogen lights illuminating them

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is ready to help you with your outdoor lighting system today. Contact us to learn more!