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Enhance Your Nashville Home with Outdoor Patio Lighting

Enhance Your Nashville Home with Outdoor Patio Lighting

The official first day of spring is not far away. Nashville area residents will be ready to break outdoors to their patios when warm weather arrives. Do you have a patio, on which you love to entertain in mild months? Have you considered outdoor lighting for your patio?residential patio lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville is known for our fabulous curb appeal outdoor lighting designs. Perhaps you have also noticed your friends and neighbors have added our custom lighting to their backyard patios. If you love to live outdoors when the weather is nice, and especially if you like to gather after dark on your patio, it’s time to speak with us about patio lighting.

Why have a patio with lighting?

outside of home illuminated with lights

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville’s patio lighting is all about form and function. Not only will a properly-lit patio be more beautiful after dark, but it will be safer too! Choose our custom outdoor lighting for your patio and enjoy the beauty that it can bring. If you have lush landscaping or shrubbery in your backyard, our lighting can enhance your foliage in any season. Often, patios are created with rustic stone materials, which can propose trip hazards. Imagine lighting yours and your guests’ ways across your patio as you gather on spring and summer evenings outdoors.

Patio lighting ideas

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can bring your favorite outdoor living space out of the shadows with a professionally-designed and installed patio design. When we visit your home for your outdoor lighting consultation, we will discuss essential and trending patio lighting ideas, specifically for your patio’s size and configuration. What are some of outdoor lighting ideas for patios?

Outdoor lighting for patio walls

home surrounded by wall with reflective lighting against the walls and house

Patio walls, and ledges don’t have to become shrouded in shadows in dark hours. Our outdoor lighting can be installed directly onto your stone, brick, or cultured stone patio walls. This includes seating walls, enclosure walls, and edges. Our high-quality LED outdoor lighting will beautifully illuminate your vertical hardscape structures for a designer impact and better usability at night. Lighting your patio wall will showcase your building materials, creating impactful light and shadow.

Lighting for patio steps

stairway with lighting under steps

If you have patio steps and your backyard is not well-lit, you know the perils of using them at night. Any change in elevation in your yard or on your patio should be lit for safe travel at night. Stubbed toes and trips can be greatly diminished with lighting for your patio steps. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville can offer a custom solution to light your patio steps for ultimate usability and safety. Our LED path lights are one option. Path lights can be mounted into the ground beside of your steps, offering illumination of the steps at night. Another solution is mounting LED riser lights directly onto your patio steps, which will light the tread below.

Festive and fun patio lighting

backyard patio with string lights

If you are interested in an overhead patio lighting solution, our outdoor LED string lights can also work to illuminate your entire patio space, including steps. Our string lighting is unlike the kinds you find through large retailers. Our string patio lighting is cut-to-size to avoid extra lighting lengths. Our lighting won’t droop or fall, as it is professionally installed with guide wires to keep your swags from sagging. In addition, our LED string lighting bulbs come standard with a 5-year warranty.

We’ll maintain your patio lighting too!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville will offer you the best lighting design, installation, and lighting fixtures, it’s true. Did you know that if you hire for your patio lighting, you will receive the first year of outdoor maintenance free of charge? Our annual lighting maintenance plan includes yearly lighting check-ups to ensure that every element of your lighting system is in working order – from bulb replacements to wire repairs and reburying to readjusting your lighting fixtures – we will have you covered. After your first year, you can choose to purchase this invaluable maintenance plan, which will keep your outdoor lighting in tip-top shape all year long. If you ever have to call us for repairs, you will receive priority service at no additional charge.

It’s almost time to spend evenings outdoors on your patio with friends and loved ones. Get in touch with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to light your patio for ultimate form and function!