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From Every Perspective, Nashville Outdoor Lighting Is A Joy To Behold, Especially As We Enter The Holiday Season

When you own the most magnificent house on the block, it’s a shame not to share its beauty with your neighbors and visitors alike.

house lit at night

And with so many interesting architectural points of view and a lush, rolling landscape to surround them, Bob Lyons and his expert landscape lighting team knew best how to highlight every distinctive exterior feature of this classic Franklin, Tennessee, home.

Client Loyalty So Strong It Proves That The Third Time Truly Is A Charm

These delightful clients are returning customers; and this is the third home and landscape we have illuminated for them.

house lit at night

With each new outdoor lighting solution we design and install for them, one thing remains the same. The family has a threefold objective as we execute each custom lighting design plan:

1. Beautification: The beautification transformation of this Franklin residential property began four months ago when we designed and executed the highlighting plan for the front exterior landscape. Our first priority was to establish the significance of the front exterior façade. It was a pleasure to design lighting effects that showcased the lushly textured patina of the stonework against the dramatically unique Frank Lloyd Wright inspired farmhouse black window frames. The intricate placement of the home’s architectural features with their variety of geometric shapes, sizes, and elevations gave us a great canvas to design with.

2. Safety: Being greeted by the home’s sweeping cobblestone textured driveway as you approach the impressive residence, it became apparent that less would be more. We decided to cast the delicate glow of energy efficient outdoor light to provide safety illumination that was welcoming yet well noticed, without being harsh. Surrounding pathways around the home’s perimeter were treated in a similar fashion for aesthetic balance.

3. Security: With a home this substantial and interesting, the architectural nuances of form and function gave us a roadmap of how to best secure the property with light after sunset. Our key objective was to eliminate any space that could be lost in the night with this sprawling home. Eliminating any potential dark and scary space where negative things could possibly happen is a key part of our security plan.

house lit at night

As for design highlights of the front illumination plan, it includes post lighting, path lighting, landscape lighting, and much more, to wash this wonderful home with the warm glow of illumination each night – automatically.

After Major Renovations We Moved Onto The Backyard

Necessity being the Mother of Invention, four months after installing the front of home design, we returned to complete the backyard landscape and rear perimeter.

pool lit at night

In the backyard, we were able to use the Lutron system and bury all the wiring within the system for a cohesive installation, which added to the seamless look and feel of the design.

pool lit at night

Another huge benefit of using this technology is that the family can easily control the lighting from anywhere at any time using the Lutron system, as well.

yard lit at night

Special attention was given to the back, with strategically placed wall lighting, hardscape lights, pool surround lighting, roof lighting to illuminate the basketball hoop at night, tree lighting, uplighting and more. In short, the result was an involved design plan, well thought through for enhanced functionality, as well as beauty, safety, and security.

pool lit at night

It is interesting to share that the family enjoys sports so the rear landscape lighting was designed in such a way where they can enjoy soccer, football, and playing other sports in the backyard, too.

Add The Many Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting To Your Beautiful Home – Or Enhance The System You Already Have

We invite you to connect with us to schedule the best time to visit with you and discuss how we can best help you achieve your outdoor lighting and landscape lighting needs. Just click here; and we’ll arrange for the time best suited to your schedule.

David Todd