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Shedding Light on an Equestrian Horse Arena -- To Be Enjoyed Well Into the Night

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, we understand Tennessean’s passion for their horses, and we certainly don’t shy away from a challenging installation either. We have a client who had a horse arena they recently extended to work their cutting horses, and the main concern was being able to work with these marvelous creatures well into the evening when the sun set and temperatures were cooler.

Of course, we recognize the desire for folks to want to enjoy all the amenities of their property at night, so we were only too happy to help shed a little light into this client’s passion for cutting horses. The arena had no lighting whatsoever, so this was a brand new install for this Brentwood, TN, equestrian facility.

Horse riding arena Lighting

As you can see, perimeter lighting was installed using our high-quality LED’s that provides a cooler and brighter light at a fraction of the energy consumption of typical lights of this nature. Each bulb is only 150 watts, believe it or not! The commercial LED lights we used for this horse arena have a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin (5,000K), which means that it closely mimics daylight. So, even when this client is working his cutting horses late at night, the vibe feels more like it’s daytime.

Horse riding arena Lighting

These tall lights are what we use to illuminate local parking lots, so they are perfect to light up wide swaths such as a horse riding or dressage arena. They have a photocell that can go on when the sun goes down, or you can simply flip a switch to turn them on. It’s your choice! Best of all, unlike old-school energy hog 400-watt halide bulbs from years ago that required a warm-up time, these LED’s are instant on and they stay bright white for their lifetime. It’s just a winning deal for everyone!

Horse Track Lighting

If you have a project that requires specific lighting, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville a call. It doesn’t matter if you need us to light up an equestrian ring, a car race track or an outdoor music venue—we are happy to tackle your outdoor illumination visions and turn them into a reality. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, we can give you the light you need to enjoy whatever it is you want to do during the evening hours.

Horse riding arena lighting

If you have special task, trade or hobby lighting desires, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville a call so we can assess your needs. Contact us today at (615) 697-4629.

David Todd of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
— David G. Todd, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.