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The End of DST is Fast Approaching -- Does Your Outdoor Lighting Timer Measure Up?

As the end of DST is fast approaching, it will be time once again to “fall back” an hour on November 6th at 2:00 am. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has been busy the past few weeks updating clients whose systems are still be operating on an old-school, manual timer, to our convenient and carefree LCA set it & forget it timer.

What does set it & forget it mean?

Just as the name implies, our fully-automated outdoor timers utilize LCA technology to automatically adjust to daylight savings time changes. You don’t even have to think about dials or buttons or figuring out how to re-reprogramming for changes. No matter what your lifestyle, a LCA timer can be easily adapted to suit your needs—even if you have to leave work really early in the morning and need additional light or walk the dog before bed time. An LCA timer provides additional light exactly when you need it. This means an end to bothersome manual timers that are time-consuming to constantly adjust.

Lighting TimerEvery new system Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville installs has an automated timer that our customers can freely customize when their lights go and off at any time of day or night based on their personal needs. The flexibility our timers provide are loaded with options and also remove the burden of remembering when to turn your lights on or off. This technology also naturally increases the safety, security and practicality, too. Our timers make it look like your home is lived in even if no one is there even if you are at work or on vacation. Would-be thieves will always know your house is lived in even if you aren’t there.

Our LCA menu is extensive

LCA’s are fully adaptable this means the programming can be simple as you want or if you enjoy a high level of control with technical devices, you can really have fun setting your timer for an ultra-enhanced lighting mood. Aside from controlling when your lights go on and off, LCA’s can be set to regulate how much light is put out by your outdoor landscape lighting system. You can start off at a lower power level earlier in the evening and then go to 100% power as the darker part of night comes. You can even control your indoor lights and even appliances with this same timer if that’s what you’d like to do. Best of all, you can do this and even make changes to your lighting all from a mobile device such as your smartphone or your computer no matter your location.The options our LCA offers are extensive..

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Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn how an LCA timer can improve your indoor and outdoor lifestyle and put an end to constantly chasing dusk.
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