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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville Debuts Bug-Resistant LED Fixtures

Are you tired of cleaning bugs out of your outdoor lighting fixtures?

Lighting FixtureIf you are an apartment or multi-family residential complex owner or manager, you know the nuisance of cleaning bugs from flush-mounted outdoor lighting fixtures all too well. Many species of insects are attracted to light. This is a natural response called phototaxis. Positively phototactic organisms, such as moths and mosquitoes, move towards light sources such as outdoor lighting or even a burning candle. This is the behavior that spawned the old saying like a moth to a flame. In the case of outdoor lighting, insects often find a way to enter the fixture itself, during their quest to reach the light source. Once inside they become trapped and perish, causing an unsightly mess.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville has good news! We now offer an insect-resistant LED flush mounted fixture to end your maintenance woes. The fixture looks great with its 12" low-profile look and since it is LED it will save energy along with the maintenance headaches! The bottom of the fixture locks into place and features a replaceable light source. Another plus is these can easily be retrofitted to replace your existing flush-mounted fixtures.

We have already installed some of these ingenious, bug-resistant fixtures to much success at the Bell Historic Franklin apartment complex and the Hayes House apartment complex in eclectic Hillsboro Village.

HallwayInsects may be drawn to the light, but they cannot enter and perish. The entire concept is a win/win — affordable, safe, efficient and easy to maintain! At the present time this technology is only available in our flush-mounted fixtures, however, plans are in the works for sconce lighting.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville to learn more about using this cutting-edge technology in your commercial outdoor lighting or hospitality outdoor lighting applications. You can reach us at (615) 697-4629.