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Our Gift To You -- The Best Ways To Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month

If you currently have residential outdoor lighting, you know how magical it is to transform your home exterior and landscape as the sun melts deep into the horizon each day at dusk. As you see your home and gardens illuminated with beams and shadows of energy-efficient warm glimmers of light, you sometimes wonder how you ever got along without it.

Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month.

The simple fact is when it comes to that winning combination of consistently achieving nighttime curb appeal, safety, security and enhanced enjoyment for outdoor living long into the evening hours, there is nothing quite like Nashville outdoor lighting.

But as we remind our clients, once your outdoor lighting system is installed, you need to look out for its best interest over time. Regularly scheduled maintenance is highly recommended to keep your system operating as well and efficiently as the day it was installed. And this is true, Nashville, for residential outdoor lighting as well as for commercial outdoor lighting and Nashville hospitality outdoor lighting.

Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month.

With proactive maintenance on your part, your outdoor lighting system will continue to shine brightly for years upon years of continued beauty and functionality.

We Can Keep You Existing Outdoor Lighting System Working Like New!

Thanks to our Outdoor Lighting Annual Maintenance Plan, you never have to give the operation and upkeep of your system another thought.

And here’s the best news. Even if your Nashville outdoor lighting was not originally installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you too can become a client for this ongoing service plan.

There are many ways that your system may need attention. Here are just a few.

Seasonal Re-mulching Landscape Beds: Whether you or your landscaper perform the work, it is important that the outdoor lighting wires connected to your low voltage transformer stay buried underground. On the inverse, once the new mulch is in place, it is critical that your fixtures and lamps are not covered. This will ensure optimum illumination and reduces the risk of a fire hazard – especially during drier weather conditions.

Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month.

Replacing Bulbs: One of the beauties of our outdoor lighting is that bulb life can often exceed your expectations. And this is especially true with our LED fixtures. That being said, it is smart to stay ahead of the game and have your bulbs replaced with new ones on a regular basis – depending on how long your system illuminates each evening.

Reburying Exposed Wires: At times your outdoor lighting system wires may suddenly appear slightly above the soil line. This usually occurs due to lawn and landscape maintenance, especially if your home is served by a firm using those large mechanical riding lawnmowers. If this occurs, just call us or reach out online and we’ll be there.

Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month.

Trimming Landscape Overgrowth: During the height of the growing season, you may notice that your outdoor lighting beam spread doesn’t seem as rich and beautiful as it did months before. This is often due to aggressive summer growth, especially around homes that are well irrigated. Here, too, just call us and we will trim the overgrowth that may be obstructing the illumination pattern.

Fixture Adjustments: If your landscape is frequented by neighborhood pets – especially those big dawgs that just love your front exterior for some inexplicable reason – they may inadvertently move or tilt your outdoor lighting fixtures that rise above ground level. When they need a gentle adjustment, we’ll take care of it.

Outdoor Lighting For Many Reasons During Any Season!

For decades our claim to fame has been the fact that we introduced Nashville outdoor lighting for homes, landscapes and outdoor living spaces. But with time and success being the Mother of Invention, our business has flourished to meet the needs of clients of all shapes and sizes. In addition to residences, our most requested services for design, installation and maintenance come from the following:

- Nashville Commercial Outdoor Lighting

- Nashville Holiday Outdoor Lighting

- Nashville HOA Outdoor Lighting

- Nashville Hospitality Outdoor Lighting

We have innovative design solutions for each and every need, no matter how small or grandiose. The simple fact is, Nashville loves outdoor lighting. And we cherish the honor of being its primary outdoor lighting source.

Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month.

Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month in style! Let the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville bring your home and landscape out of the darkness and into the light! Contact us today to learn more, we promise to take good care of you.