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Waiting For Christmas In July To Plan Your 2024 Holiday Lighting Could Be A Big Mistake

Yes, we hear you. Plan for the 2024 holiday and Christmas season right now? You betcha.

Take Advantage Of The Best Holiday Lighting Fixtures And Technology Choices Right Now

When it comes to planning to light up the holiday evenings in 2024, now is prime time.

All of our dazzling holiday lighting creations have been replenished and are ready to light up Nashville nights at commercial buildings, hospitality venues, al fresco entertaining areas and more.

Plus, brand new holiday lighting concepts are arriving daily in our Nashville outdoor lighting warehouse, so as they say, get them while the getting is good.

It’s Like Having Santa’s Elves Take Care Of Absolutely Everything

As the most trusted commercial holiday lighting company and hospitality holiday lighting company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in Nashville happily provides holiday lighting and dazzling illuminations for all types of businesses, commercial properties and hospitality venues.

As you know all too well, those long winter months ahead of us can be bad for business, so entice your clients and guests to come through your doors this season with our spectacular outdoor holiday lighting.

Once you decide the commercial holiday lighting design plan and hospitality holiday lighting design plan you want for the 2024 holiday season, here is just the start of what you’ll enjoy by planning now:

√ Safe, quick and foolproof installation for the time period you choose

√ Personalized custom designs based on your taste and brand preferences, customer engagement priorities and budget

√ At the end of the season, our expert team will be there promptly to quickly remove your holiday lighting and keep it in safe storage for you until the next season, ensuring that everything will be packaged in protective enclosures to ensure peak performance for the following season – where you will have the option to add even more special effects and features if you desire to do so

What Are The Most Festive Trends In Commercial Holiday Lighting Design And Hospitality Holiday Lighting Design?

LED Technology: LED lights have become increasingly popular as a critical component of holiday lighting due to their energy efficiency, versatility, and vibrant color options. When it comes to the holidays, our expert team incorporates state-of-the-art LED lights in various shapes and sizes, allowing us to create imaginative and memorable dynamic lighting displays.

Smart Lighting and Automation: Integration of smart technology allows for dynamic and programmable lighting displays. Our business clients use automation to synchronize lighting effects, change colors, and create visually appealing patterns.

Customization and Branding: Companies often customize their holiday lighting to reflect their brand colors and themes. Customized lighting displays can create a unique and memorable experience for customers, guests and visitors.

Projection Mapping: Projection mapping involves using projectors to create intricate and dynamic lighting displays on buildings or surfaces. This technology allows for the transformation of static structures into visually engaging works of art.

Nature-Inspired Themes: Designs inspired by nature, such as winter wonderlands or enchanted forests, continue to be very popular here in Nashville. These themes often incorporate natural elements like tree branches, snowflakes, and icicles.

Giant Light Installations: Large-scale light installations, such as oversized ornaments, sculptures, and holiday light tunnels, have gained popularity. These installations can create immersive and Instagram-worthy experiences.

Vintage and Nostalgic Designs: Some businesses opt for a nostalgic feel by incorporating vintage-style lights or classic holiday motifs. This trend often combines traditional elements with modern technology.

Energy Efficiency: Many businesses today prioritize eco-friendly options, such as energy-efficient LED lights and sustainable materials. This aligns with a growing awareness of environmental impact considerations.

Year-Round Decor: Rather than limiting festive lighting to the holiday season, some businesses extend decorative lighting throughout the year. This creates a welcoming and visually appealing atmosphere beyond traditional holiday periods.

What’s New In Our Commercial Holiday Lighting And Hospitality Holiday Lighting Collection?

In addition to our perennial traditional C9 and string lights that accent business architecture during the holidays, as well as throughout the year, new shipments of holiday razzle dazzle are arriving as you read this.

• Shimmering snowflake lights

• Glistening illuminated icicles

• Sparkling candy canes

• A huge variety of custom wreaths, decked out to your style preferences

• Gorgeous garlands – and we mean gorgeous

Not sure what commercial holiday lighting and hospitality holiday lighting scenario is best for your business? Just call us at 615-697-4629; and we will arrange to meet with you to conceive of your unique custom and joyous illumination plan.

David G. Todd of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.