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Outdoor Lighting Is Much More Than Our Name – It’s The One And Only Thing We Do

When you invent a home beautification and enhancement service category — and it’s the only thing you do — you better do it exceptionally well.

And when it comes to outdoor lighting, that’s us.

Why Is Professional Design Important In Outdoor Lighting?

Simply put, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the master of the universe in outdoor lighting. We are not some Johnny-come-lately who claims to do everything you can possibly need for outdoor projects.

The Nashville Leader In Residential & Commercial Lighting Installations

Since 1995, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been consistently delivering beautiful and highly energy efficient outdoor lighting displays for homes, businesses, hospitality buildings, and countless other properties.

We have installed hundreds of thousands of exterior illumination displays; and we know better than anyone else what it takes to do outdoor lighting the right way.

The truth of the matter is, no other company offers more experience than us, so when you trust our designers for your outdoor lighting project, you can count on a flawless result that you’ll fall in love with every time the sun goes down.

Why Is It Best To Choose A Professional Outdoor Lighting Provider?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives – better known online as “,” we do one thing and only one thing: outdoor lighting.

Perfection is our mission, and to achieve that outcome we use only the highest-quality materials, pay close attention to details, and are consistently responsive to customer service.

Our team of professional designers is what truly sets us apart from our competition and adds the “wow” factor to your stunning aesthetic appeal. All of this provides confidence in knowing that you’ll be proud of your lighting night after night.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives guarantees that our COLT-Certified design and installation team will consistently deliver:

Personal Service: From your initial contact with us, we’ll make you feel comfortable while getting an idea and feel for what you’re looking for. You’ll get a glimpse into our expertise and enthusiasm for outdoor lighting.

Meticulous Installation: While installing your outdoor lighting and landscape lighting system in Nashville, we take great care of your property. In fact, by the time we’re finished, your grounds may look better than when we started. Honestly.

Complimentary Design Demonstration: We’ll be sure you’re completely satisfied with our design before you make any commitment; because after all, we treat our clients as family, as we wish to be treated.

Nighttime Adjustment: Our services don’t end after the installation. We’ll take a drive by at night to make sure everything looks great and make any necessary adjustments if needed. That’s how committed we are to excellence and client satisfaction.

Ongoing Maintenance: As a part of our Shine365 limited lifetime warranty, you will receive an annual quality check to ensure your system continues working like the day it was installed. Limitations apply as an annual quality check is required.

When It Comes To Illumination Perfection, We Own The Night

For more than a quarter of a century, beautiful outdoor light has been our signature, and you can find our work gracing homes and businesses throughout Nashville as well as North America.

From backyard patios to gazebos, playgrounds to pools, lounge areas to landscaping, our professional designers have illuminated it all and can help you find a creative display that highlights your property and your style.

Validation and celebration of our successful track record is no secret. We are honored to have been featured in:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Martha Stewart Living
  • Architectural Digest
  • Inc. Magazine
  • Landscape Architecture

With Us, The Best Surprise Is No Surprise

If you’re at all curious about what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can do for you and your property, relax – wonder no more.

We happily offer a complimentary design consultation, where we’ll tour your property, discuss what you’re looking for, and talk about your budget. We’ll also provide a nighttime demonstration of your design and make adjustments based on your preferences and personal style prior to beginning any work.

To schedule yours, call our team at 615-697-4629; or click this link right here to instantly connect to us.