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Halogen Outdoor Lights Will Soon Become Obsolete, So Schedule Your LED Upgrade And Retrofit Now

Technology for the most part is a wonderful thing, and when it results in creating a smaller carbon footprint and helping you save money at the same time, that’s kismet.outdoor lighting perspectives

Such is the case in recent legislation where the use of halogen outdoor lighting lamps will no longer be allowed by law. So the smart money is on scheduling your LED outdoor lighting system retrofit, upgrade, system extension, and new installation now – before the holidays come upon us when our available windows of time are usually taken up by Santa (wink, wink).

Saving Money And Saving Precious Energy, LED Outdoor Lighting Is Here To Stay

A few days ago, the Senate passed the historic new climate bill just as LED outdoor lights continue to carve out a bigger territory in outdoor illumination. The increasing momentum behind this trend is more than law. It is tied to the technology’s drop in price, making them immensely desirable.

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Energy efficiency is the future, so come join us. The long lifespans of LED outdoor lights combined with their incredibly low energy usage rate give them a corner on the energy efficient lighting market in making halogen obsolete. There is simply no comparison to LEDs in terms of energy efficiency alone. Using today’s LED technology as the new standard, halogen lamps are inferior and deserve to be replaced on so many fronts.

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LED outdoor lighting is much more economical with around 85% less power consumption than halogen lamps. LED lights also have a clear advantage in terms of durability as they will last between 15,000 – 50,000 hours. Now that’s EFFICIENCY personified.

Smarter, Safer, Brighter LED Outdoor Lights Are The Next Big Thing In Landscape Illumination And Outdoor Living Lighting

If you’ve ever been curious enough to touch a burning halogen outdoor light fixture – or the bulb itself – you most likely received an unpleasant surprise. A burn. OUCH!

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Where halogen outdoor lights emit a significant amount of heat, the opposite is true of LED outdoor lights. Most LED lamps only get hand-hot so there is virtually no risk of burns as with halogen lamps.

Halogen lamps have a filament which generates the visible light in addition to the waste heat. The filament is very sensitive to shocks when switched on. LED outdoor lamps, on the other hand, are based on semiconductor technology and are shockproof and insensitive to vibrations. This is a particular advantage for adjustable or movable lights as is commonplace in many outdoor lighting and landscape lighting applications.

The now defunct halogen lamp was an incandescent lamp consisting of a tungsten filament sealed in a compact transparent envelope that is filled with a mixture of an inert gas and a small amount of a halogen, such as iodine or bromine.

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The combination of the halogen gas and the tungsten filament produced a halogen-cycle chemical reaction, which redeposits evaporated tungsten on the filament, increasing its life and maintaining the clarity of the envelope. That allowed the filament to operate at a higher temperature than a standard incandescent lamp of similar power and operating life – hence, the intense heat.

LED Outdoor Lights Save Big Bucks On Your Energy Bill

It’s uncanny but true, LED lighting can cut your power bill in half compared to outdated Halogen lighting systems. Our LED lamps have a general lifespan of about 50,000 hours which is much longer than the best halogen bulbs (4-10K hours). And these energy efficient lights consume up to 80% less power and can burn for nearly 20 years before they go out.

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Do you have an older system with halogen lamps? Don’t worry, LED drop in (or retrofit) lamps are available and can be easily swapped out by our expert team of COLT-certified outdoor lighting technicians.

Think about this for a second. We can take one of your old 35 watt halogen lamps and change it out with a 3 watt LED lamp and have the same light output and color. Do the math; and you’ll see why more and more homeowners and landscape lighting designers are making the switch for power consumption alone. The smart money is on LED.

Contact Us Today While Convenient LED Installation Dates Are Still Available Before The Holiday Season

Our team is currently installing LED outdoor lighting retrofits, upgrades and new systems throughout the greater Nashville area. Contact us at 615-697-4629 to reserve your installation date. You can connect with us right here if it is more convenient. We look forward to scheduling your switch to LED.

David Todd, Director of Sales Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

David Todd, Director of Sales Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.