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Are You Tired Of Your Landscape Lighting Coming On When It Is Not Supposed To?

We feel you. Really.

You pay good money for something you feel will add beauty, security, and greater functionality to your life – and them BAM – it doesn’t work like it should when you want it to.

That’s just not fair.

Bob Lyons and his expert outdoor lighting design, installation, and service team agree – and they promise to make it right for you.

And they have been doing so throughout greater Nashville for more than 30 years.

Being “Green” Doesn’t Mean Being Stuck In The Dark

We are all trying to save Mother Earth by reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible. That’s good.

But when your bargain photocell timer comes on because it is placed behind a bush that casts shadows or darkness, causing the lights to come on in the middle of the day, that’s bad. Very bad.

The truth is, homeowners get really frustrated when the timing and activation problems of outdoor lighting systems occur because today – more than ever – we want to be as energy conscious as we can possibly be.

On the opposite side of the coin, we also see the frustration when the lights DON'T come on when they are supposed to, due to a photocell or other non-intelligent outdoor lighting timer that isn't up to par.

The Time Is Now To Service And Update Your Outdoor Lighting Timer

Yes, Nashville loves us for our unique outdoor lighting designs and installations throughout backyards and surrounding landscapes.

But in addition to that heritage, we are one heck of an outdoor lighting service and maintenance company – and we know the ins and outs of automatic outdoor lighting timers and timing sequences better than anyone else.

Back when we invented the outdoor lighting category, another innovation we created was Lighting Control Automation.

With our Lighting Control Automation – or LCA as we refer to it – the on/off options and programming adjustments to your outdoor lighting are virtually endless.

Thanks to our commitment to embracing new technologies, all you need is an Internet-able device to take control of your outdoor lights’ operations with a touch of the finger – using any mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer.

Who Do I Call To Upgrade My Outdated Outdoor Lights?

You only need to remember one name for undeniably perfect outdoor lighting sales, design, installation, service, maintenance, and trouble-free automatic timing – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.

The beauty of contacting us when needed is that we can access, service, and upgrade virtually any outdoor lighting timer situation, even if we did not originally install it.

Our credo is to service all outdoor lighting systems, even those not initially installed by us. And that’s a promise, Nashville.

Time changes according to the universal plan. Be sure to stay current with your outdoor lighting automation so you’ll never again be caught in the dark.

If you live in our service area, we have your back.

We’re Easy To Talk To And Even Easier To Meet With

So easy, in fact, you don’t even have to pick up your phone. Just click here to connect with us. It’s that easy.

David Todd of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville.