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Your Outdoor Lighting System Needs Love, Too

Your Outdoor Lighting System Needs Love, Too

Look at you. Just look at you. Everything you do has your mark on it. How you care for your family, in every capacity possible; you should be so pleased and proud of yourself.

And your neighbors, they think you totally rock, always putting others before yourself when it comes to helping others and making your neighborhood a batter place to live.

But we have another way you can truly become the shining star of your block. May sure that your outdoor lighting system and landscape lighting system is in peak condition.

That doesn’t mean you have to crouch down on your hands and knees to check for burned out bulbs or bulbs that are starting to diminish in their ability to light the night sufficiently.

That’s our job. We’re Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, acclaimed and highly regarded for starting the low voltage outdoor lighting category decades ago – right here in Nashville.

Our service and attention to detail is second to none – and that’s the truth. Our COLT-certified landscape lighting designers and installers are perfectionists – just the way we trained them to be.

No One Is Turned Away, Even If We Didn’t Install Your Outdoor Lighting System

In today’s business climate – especially post-pandemic – many folks are finding it virtually impossible to get any vendor at all to return their calls for service.

Not us.

Even if we did not have the pleasure of your business when your outdoor lighting system was first installed years ago, we’d love to ensure that it performs better than ever.

In fact, this could be an ongoing arrangement for kid-glove service and attention to details. Our outdoor lighting Annual Maintenance Plan – or AMP, as we like to refer to it – is your insurance policy that your landscape lighting system will never let you down.

On an annual basis Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville will:

1. Replace all halogen bulbs (LEDs last much longer)

2. Repair any damaged wire

3. Rebury any wiring that has surfaced which often occurs due to lawn and landscape maintenance

4. Straighten fixtures that may have been bumped

5. Inspect your transformer

6. Reset and check your timer

7. Trim for plant overgrowth that may be obstructing the light beam

8. Perform adjustments to enhance the effects of your lighting

When You Need Us, We Will Be Close At Hand And Readily Available, Always

Plus, with our Outdoor Lighting Annual Maintenance Plan throughout the year, you will receive priority response and service call repairs at no charge. Honest.

Your lighting system will remain headache-free and operating beautifully, just the way it was originally intended.

And if you choose us to install your first outdoor lighting system, as a special thank you, you will enjoy your first year of annual maintenance free with your full-service outdoor lighting system installation.

We Welcome Your Call, Even Right Now

In fact, you don’t even have to pick up your phone. Just click here to connect with us. It’s that easy.

David Todd, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville