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Colored RGB Landscape Lighting Helps Your Blooms To Glow Brightly – And In Full Blooming Color – All Evening Long

Colored RGB Landscape Lighting Helps Your Blooms To Glow Brightly – And In Full Blooming Color – All Evening Long

We see that smile on your face when you glance out the window. Those ever-blooming pink azaleas are back – and this spring is in full force.

And what about the strawberry and vanilla hydrangea? Wow. Look at how they are gradually coming back to life. It looks like it’s going to be a bumper crop of colorful blooms yet again this year.

It’s such a shame that when the sun sets that beautiful palette of Mother Nature’s handiwork fades into darkness.

But hold on a minute. It doesn’t have to be that way. Bob Lyons at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville wants to make sure you know about outdoor landscape colored lighting.

The days of having only warm white lights to showcase your landscape have come and gone. Today, color is what it’s all about. Natural blooming color during the day, and splendidly enhanced luminous color after dusk.

Yes, the same colored RGB (Red, Green, Blue) outdoor lighting that we’re using for the Christmas holiday season has come full circle now that spring has sprung.

Now you can “paint” your gardens, landscapes, and pathways in stunning color all evening long, all year long – all at a moment’s notice, with our amazing technology.

Imagine continuing the daytime fun of the Sunday Easter egg hunt into night with splashes of magenta pink and robin’s egg blue dancing on your shrubs, trees, and flowers.

With extensive, easy-to-use capabilities, Nashville colored lighting is ready to grace your home’s exterior.

Turn Every Day Into A Colorful Holiday With color-changing Landscape Lighting

Unlike older color lighting installations you may have used for the Christmas holiday season, our new, state-of-the-art color-changing lights are permanent fixtures on your property that you control with your phone. Yes. YOUR PHONE!

When they aren’t set to celebrate, they will provide a warm beautiful light that will highlight your home’s façade and landscape.

But with the touch of a few buttons, your home will start spreading colorful hues of pleasantry and happiness for you, your family and friends – heck – for the entire neighborhood, in fact.

Controlled with your smart phone, your Wi-Fi enabled colored RGB outdoor lighting can be ready for Easter if you act quickly enough. We know that the Bunny will surely appreciate it, and may even leave you an extra treat or two.

After Easter, set your colorful calendar now to enjoy the rainbow that will make these spring evenings extra special:

May 5: Cinco de Mayo – We’re feeling vibrant orange and bright green for this one.

May 8: Mother’s Day – With pink being a perennial favorite for Mom, broadcast your love for her in magenta and maybe a sliver or two of lavender.

May 30: Memorial Day – for the traditionalist at heart, there’s plenty of red, white and blue in our colored RGB landscape lighting for you to get creative with.

Birthdays, Graduations, Family Reunions, And Outdoor Wedding Deserve Colored RGB Outdoor Lighting

And if you’re not really the go-with-the-flow spontaneous type and prefer to plan ahead, we gotcha covered on that one, too.

You can even schedule your lights to change color on set dates and go back to the warm white in between occasions.

See? We really did think of everything.

Our Colored RGB Landscape Lighting Includes These Convenient Features:

1. Full color LED lighting options – Your imagination is the only limit here

2. Full brightness and temperature control – You’re the Boss with this system, and you can change it all in a second

3. Durable brass and aluminum fixtures – Designed and built to stand the test of time and year after year of Nashville’s seasons

4. Smartphone app controls – Finally, a reasonable, honest-to-goodness great reason to have an iPhone or companion digital device, other than noodling with Facebook and Instagram

5. Simple home automation – it doesn’t get any easier than this. We promise.

Vibrant, Rich, Saturated Color, For Any Reason, Any Season, Your Heart Desires

Instead of dangerous fireworks and explosive blasts of colored powders for your next gender reveal, announce the joyous news to the world with colored lights. We have more hues of pink and blue than you can possibly imagine – as well as other colors if you’re so inclined.

And just imagine using colored RGB landscape lighting to set the mood for your next garden party, broadcasting beams of blues and greens against blooms of pink, red or yellow and showcasing the contrast of your garden at night.

And do we really even have to mention the coming holidays in the months ahead as summer draws to a close. We think not. You get the picture. (Wink, wink)

Feeling Colorful? Let’s Get This Party Started!

Schedule your free, no obligation colored RGB landscape lighting design consultation today. In fact, just click right here.

David Todd, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville